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Pedro Troglio would continue at Olimpia for another two years;  The plan with Jerry Bengtson and will there be contracts?

Pedro Troglio would continue at Olimpia for another two years; The plan with Jerry Bengtson and will there be contracts?


After winning the 36th National League Cup, V.C Olympia They are already working on what will be the next season, in which, in addition to the Apertura 2023 tournament, there will be the Concacaf Central American Cup.

The Whites already have a date for what will be the start of the pre-season. It will be on July 6, as confirmed by the director Olympia, Juan Francisco Sipe.

“We started working at the beginning of July, the idea is to continue the campus, this is the talk we have with the teacher, we see with the boys that their contract is over and with some other issues and the team. There will be no big change in the next tournament,” said Tatu Saibe.

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Also a leader Olympia confirmed that Peter Truglio He will continue his training for another two years.

For two years was the deal? “It’s true, we’ve had the guru for a while and the truth is that the relationship with him is more than a relationship between the coaching staff and the leadership, there’s a great friendship, and his DNA is very much in line with our relationship with him. He’s very flexible and only time knows things that can happen, but we hope, Just like him, to be there Pedro Truglio p.Or for a long time,” Tatu commented.

On the subject of transfers and injured for the next tournament. Loose tattoo He said that at the moment only Boniek García has been confirmed.

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“This is where we are, this week is crucial for that, at the moment the only confirmed casualty we have is the retirement of Boniek (García), the rest we are in a permanent meeting with the vice president of sport (Osman) Madrid and with the teacher watching too let’s see who the players are They won’t continue, but the differences will be minimal,” he said.

Tatou also adjudicated the case of Jacques-Jean-Baptiste, who did not take much part in Clausura 2023.

“He’s a player who personally seems to me to have a lot of growth, he has the conditions of a central midfielder, his energetic style attracts our attention, but it’s the teacher who decides if he’s going to continue in the team, if a loan is to be given, it’s a formula that has worked well for us, as It’s the case with Jorge Alvarez, (José) García at the time, Pinto, who came out to play and now we have it with (Andre) Orellana, who was in my opinion one of the best central defenders in the last tournament and so that kind of decision is where we are in that. week,” he explained.

The future André Orellana also appeared on the scene, who was loaned out to Marathon for six months.

“That’s another matter, he has expressed his desire to continue playing, we all know that Olympia It’s not easy, but I think the boy has shown that he has the conditions to become a central defender in the future Olympia And that’s one of the other important decisions we made this week.

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On the subject of renovations, Loose tattoo He says that there won’t be much change and that plans should be kept Jerry Benson.

“That’s the idea. The idea is the team touches as little as possible and we sit down one by one with the boys, and we’ve given it two days and I think from today we’ll start closing, so soon we’ll have more specific news,” he concluded.