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Paris Saint-Germain gave Mbappe a blank check and this was the player's response

Paris Saint-Germain gave Mbappe a blank check and this was the player’s response


future of Kylian Mbappe On everyone’s lips. The French striker is still not renewed with Paris Saint-Germain When he has only four months left on his contract and everything indicates that this summer he will finally wear white.

Renewing unusual conditions for Mbappe with Paris Saint-Germain

As revealed by daily markthe football player rejected the last proposal of Paris Saint-GermainLast week, he wrote a blank check. Despite this, the Parisians aren’t throwing in the towel and have even made player extension a matter of state.

The mentioned source confirms this Mbappe “No,” he said, to “a blank check that totaled 90 million in August, and he promised a guaranteed sports project.”

The Paris Saint-Germain He wants to renew his young star for an additional two years, but on the condition that he be allowed out in 2023, once the World Cup in Qatar is over. So far, Mbappe He refuses.

Even the president of France, Emmanuel Macronis taking action to help Qataris who do not give up.

The Barcelona player who will already have an agreement with PSG

In the meantime, the world champion is isolating himself to try to deliver his best version and reach the Champions League quarter-finals. in two weeks, Mbappe He will stand at the Santiago Bernabeu again to face Real Madrid There he will certainly be well received despite the goal he scored at the Parc des Princes.

finally, Brand They reported that they in the “White House” are happy with the French position and that they should stop putting pressure on him. “It is resilient enough already,” sources from the Meiring Group confirmed to the newspaper.

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