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Heroic Ranking!  Telecom advances to the quarter-finals under the snow in Denver

Heroic Ranking! Telecom advances to the quarter-finals under the snow in Denver

The Creams advance to the next round of the Concacaf Champions League with an outstanding performance from Kevin Moscoso

DENVER, Colorado – Communications sealed their ticket to the CONCACAF Champions League quarter-finals, defeating the Colorado Rapids 4-3 on penalties at Dicks’ Sporting Goods Park in Denver under severe weather that reached -16 degrees Celsius, according to a National report. Meteorological Service.

The match number was the goalkeeper Kevin Moscoso The one who was attentive while sticking in penalty kicks, was the key to stopping the last shots and was the defender Nicholas Samayawa Who was responsible for transforming the winning target of communications.

From the first moments of the game, the Colorado Rapids took center stage and controlled the ball against Communications. Actually, from the third minute Diego Rubio He found a ball inside the Karim area, but was unable to shoot properly. In the following procedure, Kevin Moscoso He saved the Guatemalan team after a shot by Danny Wilson.

The action that marked the game was an expulsion Stephen Robles In the 15′ minute. The Communications defender made a foul on Auston Trustee and the referee, after reviewing the VAR, decided to send him off, thus Karim was left with one less player on the field.

It was the 28th minute when the Colorado Rapids opened the scoring. After a cross from the right, the Brazilian appeared Max Alves Who received the ball and after absorbing the ball, ended up with his right foot to the bottom of the goal defended by Kevin Moscoso to equalize the overall score.

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Before going down, the Colorado Rapids pressed into the opponent’s area in search of a second goal and Kevin Moscoso became the hero who blocked the ball from entering his line.

In the supplemental segment, coach Willy Oliveira called in Nicholas Samayawa to defend Rodrigo Saravia. repeatedly Max Alves He was about to convert the second goal, but Juan Anangonon prevented the goal.

Finally, playing with clear purpose led to connections. Ecuadorean Juan Ananjono He got a pass from Andrés Lezcano, but the striker was not able to correctly identify it.

In the 62nd minute, the match had to be paused because there was snow and the field was completely white, so some stadium staff came in to clean the field.

The Colorado Rapids scored the opponent’s goal and Kevin Moscoso responded. In the 77th minute, it seemed that a cross from the left flanked the goal, but Kevin Moscoso fired himself correctly.

In the 88th minute, the Colorado Rapids scored the second goal of the game, but Diego Rubio placed him in an advanced position and the VAR overturned the result. Thus the commitment in the penalty shootout was determined.


In the penalty kicks, Jose Contreras, Jorge Aparicio and Alexandre Larrain scored by Communicasiones and the last shot was by Nicolas Samoa. While Oscar Santis, Jose Corina and Kevin Lopez missed their shots.

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