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Parents and children: an actress confirms that she spoke with her dead son - people - culture

Parents and children: an actress confirms that she spoke with her dead son – people – culture

Heidi Ramirez stunned her followers by saying that she was able to meet her son Gabriel, who passed away a few years ago.by confronting a hypothetical paranormal guided by a mediator.

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The actress, who played Gabriella in the popular series Padres e Hijos, said that she managed to talk to him and that he sent her a gift from beyond the grave. Gustavo, as the celebrity’s son is called, died a few years ago due to a reaction caused by mixing alcohol with some medication.

Heidi Ramirez and her son Gustavo


Instagram: @haydeerm

According to Ramirez on “I Know Everything,” his son suffered from anxiety and depression, which led to constant emotional setbacks that prompted him to take psychiatric painkillers.

The agony of losing her son made her decide to contact a fortune teller to help her communicate with the deceased.

When the supernatural connection was realized, the celebrity indicated that he managed to start a conversation that lasted more than an hour with Gustavo, who supposedly stated that he would receive a gift from him.

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I can assure you that I talked to my son for an hour And he said to me: Mom, I will give you a horse. “Don’t worry, it’ll get you there,” the actress commented on the show.

The horse finally arrived and it was through one of his aunts that the extraordinary shipment from the other plane was made possible.

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“During the epidemic, my aunt was with me here for eight months and the horse arrived through it,” he said.

What does Heidi Ramirez do for a living?

As she was able to speak in the interview, the model and opera actress is far from the media and the hustle and bustle of the city.because today he resides in the municipality of Subachuk, which is located 45 kilometers from Bogotá.

She is featured for her participation in more than 10 national and international productions, in which her role as “Gabriela” in “Padres e Hijos” is featured. Among his other leading roles, his performance in the film “Everybody Wants With Marilyn” (2004), “How big is your love?”, stands out. (2006) and Azúcar (2016), his last small screen appearances. ”

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