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This is what this study says

This is what this study says

A simple experiment opened the doors to a kind of infinite energy

AI-generated image showing the Casimir effect

Since the beginning of the universe, there have been properties of matter and elements in the universe that have eluded us. An example is the elusive dark matter, which is supposed to populate 85% of the universe. Moreover, there is Laws it is in It is forbidden Perform feats such as Traveling at the speed of lightalthough new The study suggests that this may be possible sometimes.

It is possible to reach the speed of light through quantum physics

The first thing to clarify is Where did the concept of energy in a vacuum come from?, which allegedly can be used for feats only seen in science fiction films. That’s why we have to talk about the so-called Casimir effect.

Hendrik Casimir had a strange idea to conduct an experiment: Connecting two pieces of metal very close together And wait. He soon realized that the pieces They ended up joining, as if it was a magic trick. There was no effect of gravity, tension, or magnetism, but rather the discovery seemed to have been made. Vibration in the quantum field Which comes from the vacuum of space-time.

Through Casimir’s work, scientists around the world were able to discover this There is a kind of infinite energy Which He drinks the fabric Which constitutes being. She was Patent granted in 2002 Which showed how it is possible to create device able to Capture energy from the Casimir effect And convert it into a generator.

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he US governmentspecifically the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, was immediately interested in this patent, and according to American Scientificgranted $10 million for researchers To further delve into the Casimir effect.

And we’re not talking about crazy sci-fi when we mention Traveling at the speed of light. in Article published in Popular Mechanics Explores Possibility to create What it was called Bending drivewhich would tap into the infinite energy of the void to bend space-time at will.

Miguel Alcubierrea Mexican theoretical physicist, published in 1994 A Article can be accessed on arXiv in which Describes that the aforementioned engine is mathematically possible. Indeed, his description of technology invites us to dream of reaching new cosmic heights:

She proposed an “architecture” of space that would allow faster-than-light travel as seen from afar. In short, the space behind the object we want to move will expand and contract in front of it. This forms a “bubble” of distorted space, inside which an object or ship could exist.