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Did Shakira dedicate these famous songs to Osvaldo Rios?

Did Shakira dedicate these famous songs to Osvaldo Rios?

A few days later he gave some details about the engagement he was having with him ShakiraNow, the Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Rios He surprised his teammates “Celebrity House”revealing the supposed songs that the Colombian gifted him.

During a conversation with Yvonne Monteiro, Luis Mendoza, Nacho Cassano and Nyorca Marcos, the Puerto Rican admitted other details of his relationship with the artist in the 1990s.

According to Rios, Shakira found in him the inspiration to compose many of her greatest songs on the album “Where are the thieves?”.

On a handkerchief with his original words preserved in an envelope, he dedicated them all to me. “Eyes like that”, “flies in the house”, “you”, “blind, deaf-mute”I have them all in my own handwriting, said Rios to his comrades who listened attentively to his account.

“These are leftovers,” commented Nyorca Marcos, touched.

He also said the lyrics of the song Where are the thieves? He hides the story that they lived together in Europe.

“It was ‘they saw us in Paris,’ we were together and when we go to take the plane from Paris to Bogota all the songs are lost, all the songs on this album are lost and I rewrote one by one all of them,” Puerto Rico recalled.

“For me it was the best part of it ‘you’. After that she went to Spain and went on her way and became the great star that she is today.”

Osvaldo Rios and Shakira had a short relationship in 1997 when he was 37 and she was 20. In a previous conversation in “La Casa de los Famosos”, he revealed that they were about to get married and buy a house together, he said he was the one who decided to end it.

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“I had a whole world to live in, when you love someone you better set them free and this is the best evidence of love you can give them,” he stressed.

He was honest: “He had to fly, it was the best thing that happened to him, not to go on with me.”

“Where are the thieves?” It is Shakira’s fourth album and one of the most important albums of her career. According to estimates, the album has sold more than seven million copies worldwide and produced many hit songs. It was also recognized by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 500 best albums of all time.

“Deaf-mute blind”, “You”, “Inevitable”, “I don’t think so”, “Eyes are like that”, “Flies in the house”, “Where are the thieves?” “If I Go” and “The Eighth Day” were among the hits of the album, which was released in 1998.