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Best Areas to Rent a Home in Miami

Best Areas to Rent a Home in Miami

Rents in Florida continue to rise at their expense. However, many areas of Miami, in particular, are very attractive for renting a home. If you’re looking for competitive prices, check out this listing. The locations listed below offer affordable rents and boast access to essential services and urban amenities. They are ideal for students, professionals and young families. Here we say.

Where are the cheapest rentals in Miami?

The Riverview area is known to be the cheapest area in Miami. Rent for two-bedroom apartments is around $1,356 USD.

Rents for Pinewood one bedroom apartments start at $765.00 USD. According to Discover Homes Miami, it’s a low-density area, ideal for those seeking tranquility..

Meanwhile, West Little River has a cost of living that is 10% lower than the US average. According to data from Discover Homes Miami, rent for a one-bedroom is around $905.00 USD.

El Portal is a quiet neighborhood, perfect for retirees, one bedroom rent is $960.00 USD (Discover Homes Miami).

Meanwhile, Fountainbleau Park East is near Florida International University and offers two-bedroom rentals for $1,797. This is down from the previous year, According to the rent.

Riverside is located between downtown Miami and East Little Havana. It has two bedroom apartments for $1,628 USD (Rent).

La Pastorita is an area with an average rent of $1,215 USD (Zerotown Real Estate).

The homestead has rents starting at $1,378 USD and is known for its affordability. It is considered one of the most affordable areas in Miami-Dade County (Zerotown Real Estate).

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The Westview is priced at an affordable $672.00 USD.

Lastly, Hialeah Acres shows one-bedroom rents for around $1,020 USD, (Discover Homes Miami).

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