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Pachuca: Femexfot fines coach Guillermo Almada for his criticism

Pachuca: Femexfot fines coach Guillermo Almada for his criticism

The Mexican Football Federation punished the coach for his comments criticizing the short rest period that the Tuzos team had during the match

Technical Director L Pachuca, Guillermo AlmadaAnd so is the player Tuzos, Eric SanchezHe was Fined by Disciplinary CommitteeFor violating the sanctioning regulations of the Mexican Football Federation.

According to the Disciplinary Committee, Guillermo Almada And Eric Sanchez They did not comply with Article 71 of the regulations.

In the case of strategic Pachucathe punishment for his statements in a press conference on April 29, when he angrily criticized in a press conference the little rest his team had between the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Champions Cup and playing on the field.

“The capacity for wonder is not true, We will be a laughing stock Of all those who make up Mexican football and international football.” Guillermo Almada. “If we want to grow the league like they keep communicating and saying, these things happen, it’s unfortunate.”

For this part, Eric Sanchez He was punished for criticizing central referee Adonay Escobedo, who with the help of video technology canceled out two goals by Salomon Rondon, and posted on his account Instagram An image containing two doubt emojis, as his partner appears to be empowered. Although he deleted everything minutes later, the penalty was still applied.

“The penalty stems from ill-advised statements made in a press conference and a social media post, respectively, after the play-in match on May 2,” the International Federation said.

He reiterated that “the former receives punishment every time he makes unwise and dishonest statements against him.” BBVA MX LeagueThis was in a press conference last Monday, April 29 of this year. For his part, the player published a post on social media in which he questioned the honor of the referee’s performance in the match that was held between the two teams. Pachuca And the National League on May 2, 2024 corresponding to playing in A of Clausura 2024”.

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Likewise, it was confirmed that both of them violated the Sanctions Regulations of the Mexican Football Federation, in particular Article 71 paragraph c) which states:

“To that player and/or member of the technical staff and/or official who directs criticism or negative comments through the media and/or social networks about the refereeing and/or video assistant referee.”

“the Pachuca Clubabout the future behavior of the players and the technical staff, because if this type of behavior appears again, it will… Disciplinary Committee The statement concluded that more severe penalties could be imposed on them.