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Pantrap presents its wellness strategy

Pantrap presents its wellness strategy

Guatemala. Pantrap Financial Group has renewed its slogan to reflect its core: improving the quality of life for workers and their families. “In its 56 years of operation, it has developed and built an ecosystem of products, services, channels and programs that contribute to improving the quality of life of residents,” explains Herbert Hernandez, Bantrab’s Managing Director.

The Pantrap Health Strategy is built on three pillars:

1. Finance

In addition to offering the best return to savers and investors, Bantrab has designed a wellness program that allows clients to consolidate debt, improve liquidity and pay less interest if they save. So far, 71% of beneficiaries have managed to balance their income and expenses.

The financial group also designed a loan for entrepreneurs with modification of terms according to the life cycle of the company whose guarantee is endorsed by an affiliated incubator. “We will increase funding for popular housing, small and medium-sized businesses, and second-tier banking,” adds Fernando Garcia, director of the commercial division.

2. Social

Bantrab provides free education to professionals in the field of good money management, whether or not they are Bantrab customers, through the BancAprende digital platform and BanConsejos office. The first benefited 17,000 people and the second provided 8,846 personal advice and 381 conversations to 15,534 workers. In addition, the bank launched a SIMpre Sí card for workers to rewrite their credit history. It gives them Q500 of financing and the option to deposit up to Q11,999 to use as a debit card. If the customer shows good behavior, he can choose the classic card,” says Garcia.

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The financial group also promotes initiatives that contribute to job creation. Among them are Mundo sin Barreras (an internship for students of the Guatemalan Neurological Institute), Mi Primer Empleo (employment of 100 pre-qualified young interns by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare), and Emprendo por ti (business development program with 1,724 people benefited in six departments).

The social pillar also includes support for communities, as well as culture and sports. In alliance with the Guatemalan Cycling Federation, we celebrate the La Vuelta Bantrab and the UCI MTB Bantrab Mountain Event. Soon, we will be introducing important initiatives to support football. Sport is essential to physical well-being and contributes to social cohesion,” adds Hernandez.


Pantrap began its technology transformation four years ago with the goal of promoting financial inclusion. Among his main efforts were the YoLo digital wallet, which allowed 73,011 accounts to be opened from a mobile phone; Credit prequalification tools Chat.IO, WhatsApp and self-management portals; and Bantrab Remittances App, an app for US residents to send money for free in real time.

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