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Paco Jemez’s daughter reveals that Pique embarrassed her

Paco Jemez’s daughter reveals that Pique embarrassed her

Gerard Pique and Shakira Their relationship ended, but in the post-Colombian footballer’s life there was just not Clara Shea Well, he also dated another woman.

It comes to Nadia Gemez, daughter of coach Paco Gemezbecause he revealed in a video clip that he published, that he had gone out with the former soccer player and made him feel ashamed of his attitudes.

What did no one say?

daughter Former captain of Cruz AzulAnd antiquities He is not a human being who deserves respect, because his behavior is that of a very immature person, because he violated traffic regulations and offended those who did not deserve it.

“for me He wasn’t someone I owed respect to Because he did not behave well with others. And also… I’ll tell you, once I was in the car with him and he thought it was too good to skip all the traffic lights on Diagonal. because? Well, I don’t know, because it seemed to him right. In addition, he entered the parking lot at a speed of 100 km / h then What the guy from the situation did was tell him “Look, you can’t get into the situation like that“”.

What made you feel ashamed?

The way Pique answered the person in the parking lot made Nadia feel ashamed.

He answered in a way: “Yeah, okay, great. Buy yourself a friend.”. And I say: Please get me out of here. what am I doing here?’ I couldn’t believe it. You’ve embarrassed me. He is not the person who inspires confidence in me. I think it was the first and last time I saw this person. I really wanted to tell that.”

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