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Swimmers will take action on Anna Guevara’s remarks

Swimmers will take action on Anna Guevara’s remarks

Mac ResendezJun 6, 2023 10:26 p.mReading: two minutes.

Luis Jimenez, a lawyer for the artistic swimmers’ group, indicated that action will be taken regarding the statements of the Konadi director.

remarks Anna Guevara About asking for support from team players Synchronized swimming Which has been replicated by a manager Conidwill have legal consequences.

This was stated by the group’s lawyer swimmers“In light of public opinion, their rights have been clearly and blatantly violated,” said Luis Jimenez.

“Actions will be taken regarding those statements…all in accordance with the law,” he added.

Due to a human rights issue, the artistic swimmers group will proceed legally against Conade’s manager’s statements.Imago 7

We must remember that Anna Guevara He declared, when he discovered that the swimmers had made some sales to pay for their trips: “For me, let them sell panties, swimwear, Avon or Tupperware, but they and their coaches are in debt. We gave them 40 million pesos and they didn’t justify it.”

And then, he was the owner Conid He repeated his position: “Let’s see, it’s a matter of definitions; I would like to ask: How am I going to give you a bathing suit? Bathing trunks or a swimsuit, it’s the same thing. If they have a discrepancy with the trunks, let’s take them off, but I didn’t send them to sell underwear, they started In selling lingerie; the only thing I said is that they want to keep selling.”

This Tuesday, a federal administrative judge ordered Anna Guevara actually Conid Return financial support to Artistic swimmingAmong them is the scholarship that was awarded, according to the director number, Last February, the aquatic majors were cancelled, after disagreements were already brewing between the SCC and the Mexican Swimming Federation (FMN).

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There are 16 people. Among them are swimmers and two coaches who benefited from the judge’s decision

The lawsuit that caused this ruling stems from the legal appeal filed by members of Artistic Swimming at the beginning of May, before the trip to the World Cup that was held in Egypt, where Mexican swimmers They won the team gold.

For its part, artistic swimming Nuria Diosdadohe preferred to remain cautious about the issue.

pointed out Diosdado To this portal, that the athletes are dedicating their efforts to training and preparing for the upcoming Central American Games.