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Pachuca vs Tigers (2-1).  Objectives

Pachuca vs Tigers (2-1). Objectives

tigers He couldn’t beat the stats and tonight at Hidalgo Stadium, the stadium he hasn’t been able to win since September 27, 2014, He fell against Pachuca and was eliminated In the quarter-finals of the tournament Opening 2022.

Tuzos won 2-1 In an exciting game that has it all In the end, it was determined by the best position achieved by hidalguenses In the general table with a global score of 2-2. Their opponent in the semi-finals will be Rayados de Monterrey Starting at Bella Airosa and ending at Gigantes de Acero.

With a feature on the scoreboard They, led by Miguel Herrera, started the match by measuring the opponentleaving him with the ball and playing with time to the desperation of Hidalgo’s team.

however, Those who seemed the most impatient were the offensive football players of the Cats teamwho sought without much success to score a goal that would make the series more comfortable. Tozos They did not fall before the strategy of the royal family and Little by little they took over the game They even managed to match the global scoreboard.

It was in the arrival of the band From the right was initiated by Kevin Alvarez. Romario Ibarra was responsible for the surplus And send a dangerous center can not top off Nico Ibanez, but yeah Pocho Guzmanwho only entered through the center of the area to end with the right leg and Send to save the ball In the 19th minute.

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When the first half was about to end controversial move Nahuel Guzman caused the seats to heat up and deflateleaving only a few pushes and a yellow card for the Tigers goalkeeper to provoke the home team’s fans.

In the supplementary part, visitors pressed in search of the target to give them back the advantage, and insisting mainly on the right wing with thoven, They found the goal with a header from Guido Rodriguezwho had a dose of luck due to a bad header from André-Pierre Gignac.

But The taste did not last long to visitWell, minutes later and with seconds on the field, Marino Hennistroza and Chuves Lopezmerged with Take a second from home In a quick play down the left wing, Chavez ended in the 69th minute.

Tigers finished on top From equipment Hidalguense, and despite having one player less since the 80th minute, they fought back and managed to maintain the advantage, snatching the win and the ticket to the semi-finals where they will face Rayados de Monterrey.