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Olancho drowns poor Motagua and defeats him at Comayagua;  The city of Tota is in crisis and a bleak future

Olancho drowns poor Motagua and defeats him at Comayagua; The city of Tota is in crisis and a bleak future


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is over: Motagua was defeated again, this time by Olancho FC at the Carlos Miranda de Comayagua stadium.

87′ yellow! Harold Fonseca, player of Olancho, reprimanded.

84 ‘ Motagua is encouraged. Juan Delgado enters the opponent’s area, but his shot is powerful, but deflected.

79′ yellow! Walter Martinez, the Motagua player, was reprimanded.

78′ yellow! Henry Gomez, player of Olancho FC, is booked.

77 ‘ Uyyy… Dangerous play by Olancho FC through Agustín Auzmendi. He wanted to pump it up but didn’t connect the round in a good way.

72 ‘ Change in Olancho FC:
Income: Jose Tobias
Outside: Reinieri Mayorquín

69 ‘ Change in Olancho FC:
Entered: Ovid Lance
Outside: Eric Andino

68′ yellow! Marcelo Pereira, a Motagua player, was booked for a foul.

64 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Walter Martinez
Outside: Ivan Lopez

64 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Christopher Melendez
Outside: Marcelo Santos

63′ Olancho has a lot more clarity than Motagua, who seems asleep on the pitch.

55 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Roberto Moreira
Outside: Lucas Campana

55 ‘ Change in Motagua:
Income: Juan Carlos Obregon
Outside: Edwin Maldonado

46′ GOOOOOLLLL from OLANCHO! Cristian Calix receives from Altamirano and before his defense fails, he scores the first goal of the match. Olancho defeats Motagua.

The complementary stage begins: Motagua and Olancho FC draw in Comayagua.

38 ‘ Oops… a powerful shot by Eric Andino sends Rogier into the air at Comayagua. Corner kick.

38 ‘ Jonathan Nunez takes down Marco but runs into the humanity of Olancho’s defender.

36′ yellow! Marcelo Santos, a Motagua player, is booked for a foul.

27 ‘ Party gets boring in Comayagua. Not good football.

23 ‘ Good flood from Lucas Campana, leading the middle but Carlos Mejia didn’t move his head well and missed the clearest in the game.

22 ‘ Change in Olancho FC:
Income: Alan Carcamo
Outside: Nelson Munoz

Twenty one’ Change in Motagua:
Income: Jonathan Nunez
Outside: Hector Castellanos

Eleven’ We continue without clear goals in Carlos Miranda. Motagua is the one who catches the ball but without depth.

5 ‘ Motagua is the one who tries the most but cannot clearly access the terrain of Olancho.

I started! Motagua and Olancho are already playing on the fourth date in Carlos Miranda de Comayagua.

The teams conduct pre-competition training at Carlos Miranda Stadium.

Olancho squad: Harold Fonseca, Oscar Almendarez, Santiago Molina, Nelson Muñoz, Omar Elvir; Reinier Mallorquin, Henry Gomez, Christian Callix, Christian Altamirano; Eric Andino and Agustin Osmendi.

Welcome to the minute by minute match between Motagua and Olancho from Comayagua.