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Nestor Lorenzo The mistakes he wouldn't make were Jose Pekerman's mistakes in Colombia |  Colombia Choice

Nestor Lorenzo The mistakes he wouldn’t make were Jose Pekerman’s mistakes in Colombia | Colombia Choice

Nestor Lorenzo will face the challenge of being coach of the national team for the first time. He will do so in Colombia, where from 2012-2018 he was technical assistant to Jose Pekerman in a successful cycle that took coffee growers to the 2014 and 2018 World Cups.

Lorenzo, 56, comes from directed by Melgar de Arequipa and left feeling very good in Peruvian football. Now back to Colombia, where he triumphed within a large coaching staff, learned about the environment and the privacy of a footballer, and learned from the mistakes Pekerman made in his career.

Thus, Colombia’s new coach is clear about the three sins his teacher, Pekerman, has committed, and that they are mistakes he will not make in his just-starting career.

* Your employer. Pekerman was stressed about his relationship with Pascual Lescano, his representative, who gave him authority within the logistics of the national team. There has also been speculation about moves he made as a footballer’s agent, which would have included recalling some players and then negotiating with them over European football, a rumor that has never been confirmed.

Lorenzo was brought in by the Colombian businessman and former football player Lucas Jaramillo, and from the coach’s environment they have already assured the Colombian federation that the representative will not have any kind of interference in the decisions that are made in the national team.

* Minor divisions. Lorenzo confirmed that he will have an impact on the smaller categories of the national team: “We want to have an identity line with the game and behavior. That the U-15 players really aspire to be national team players. It is not about changing anything, but rather proposing some kind of methodology so that the player is something different.”

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Within six years in the business, Beckerman only worked with the first team, and that was one of the biggest claims made to him in his circle.

* It will update the Colombian style. Pekerman has always respected the coffee style and fostered the mentality of his players; Lorenzo wants to do the same. However, Colombia has not developed into what elite football is playing now.

Thus, the new Colombian coach wants to add two very important aspects of Colombian football: aggressiveness and intensity.