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Mexico proposes that there be a six-way activity until the World Cup 2026

Mexico proposes that there be a six-way activity until the World Cup 2026

Rafael Ramos, an ESPN journalist, was responsible for revealing information about the supposed plan owned by the Mexican director.

Louis Youngpresident Mexican Football Federationhad planned to make a chain of hexagonal towards World Cup 2026including Mexico, the United States, and Canada You will face a difference of CONMEBOL s UEFATo prepare, as the three teams will not participate in the qualifying rounds because they are hosts.

Rafael Ramosjournalist from ESPNwas responsible for revealing information about the supposed plan that the Mexican director has, but it can be changed in case Louis Young Leave your post in the near future.

Louis Young Submitted a development project with SUM, USA Soccer and the Canadian Federation, to be implemented from 2023 in hexagonal dates FIFA in which Mexico, the United States and Canada are obviously involved, which, given the lack of qualifying matches, will take advantage of those dates to make six-way matches”; he stated in this Wednesday’s edition of Football is hot.

“The project Louis YoungIf Yon de Luisa survived all the conflict, all the tsunami, all these explanatory movements he caused “Tata Martino Alejandro Iraraguri did not enter before taking responsibility, along with his two-time champion coach, for the fates of the national team and Mexican Football Federation, This is the project and it is interesting because they will be the three host teams for 2026, guest from CONMEBOLGuest CONCACAF and guest from UEFA“.

Although the plan has already been sent to SUM, packages He confirmed that at the moment there is nothing specific. However, those concerned are already familiar with the idea that the current head of Mexican Football Federation.

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“The idea is that every date in FIFA, the three teams that are going to host have an activity because they won’t have a tie. It’s a project under review, even in the SUM offices, which we know totally handle the logistics of this kind of event it’s on the table, it’s A project that sounds very interesting on the part of Yon De Luisa, but we’ll see if they let him survive all this and “Tata Martino It doesn’t do much to help you save your head.