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Muhammad asks Cesar Huerta to remain humble, because good things await him

Muhammad asks Cesar Huerta to remain humble, because good things await him

The Pumas coach is confident that good things await ‘Chino’ Huerta and he must remain humble

Anthony Muhammadtechnical director of cougarsHe emphasized that he had growth Cesar Huerta He is a prominent player in the club, so they have to deal with him in a good way, both in terms of football and mentally, so that he does not lose his feet on the ground.

He added: “He’s in a good moment, he’s got a lot of confidence, and we have to accompany him in his growth. He’s an important part of the team. We’re happy. He has to do the same for the team. He was unbalanced and he did it well.” “Al-Turki” in a press conference: “He is in good shape and we have to insist that he remain humble because for sure good things will come to him.”

The truth is that Mohammed He didn’t want to talk much on an individual level and was always focused more on a collective level, but there were several occasions when the Cat strategist praised the midfielder’s fine form and admitted he was ready for the Mexico national team. .

On the other hand, he spoke of the boos received by some of the club’s players, especially the cases of Gustavo Del Prete and Adrian Aldrete, who on Sunday made a substitution in the match against tigers They were not well received by the masses.

To a lesser extent, Eduardo Salvio was another of the elements criticized, while Juan DiNino, though not a staple, is having a moment of fun with the cat fans.

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“They are calm, they have experience, and the good thing is that they support the players for being our players. Until the end of the tournament, they will be our players.” Mohammed at the first moment.

“He can play against the team when the player enters or leaves, it affects the confidence of the team. If there is booing then let it be after the match so that it does not affect the mood, but they have the right to complain.” Al-Turki added: “In the nineties we were the ones Same team and it would be great for everyone who wears the shirt.”