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Ohtani outperforms Matsui in his 32nd home career

Ohtani outperforms Matsui in his 32nd home career

ANAHIM – Shuhei Otani made history again on Wednesday, breaking the record for the most home runs by a Japanese-born player in a season, defeating Hideki Matsui by 32 of the year.

Otani hit a key off Venezuelan Eduardo Rodriguez to hit a 433-foot hit, according to Statcast. The connection was lost at 114.5 mph.

“32 times a year is just part of the journey of a hitter like Shuhei,” Matsui said in a statement. “I was once considered a big hitter, but I really believe he is. Plus, he’s an excellent pitcher. He outshines what’s considered a conventional Major League Baseball player and no other player is quite like him. I hope she continues her successes and carries hopes and dreams.” So many fans and kids. As a baseball fan, I can’t wait to see what he does next.”

Incredibly, Ohtani set the mark in his 81st game of the year, while Matsui needed to play all 162 Yankees games to hit 31 in 2004. Otani’s 32nd home run came after a strong 7.0 hit on Tuesday.

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