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More internships for the first University of Arizona medical students

More internships for the first University of Arizona medical students

The The first medical students of the University of Alicantescheduled for the next academic year 2023-24, which is the date that the university administration intends to do so Class transplant which she already has All official approvalboth regionally and internationally, though Decision of the neighboring Miguel Hernandez University of Elche who already led said establishment courts with the intention of preventing it.

of the Rectorate of UA they follow up with The expected rate of starting a medical careerand then restore it Separation of studies to establish UMHand continue Signing agreements With hospital centers to ensure internships for future students.

sign the agreement Information

This wed UA Dean Amparo Navarro, and IMED Group CEO Angel Gómez Navarrohave signed an agreement along these lines so that both medical students Like other studies related to B Health sciences On the San Vicente Campus, the corresponding internship can be done at the above mentioned Medical Group Hospitals.


The agreement provides for agreements both in terms of teaching, assistance and research. Specifically, it includes completion of clinical and health curriculum practices for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Medicine, Nursing, Human Nutrition, Dietetics, Optometry, Optometry, and Speech Therapyas well as in master’s degrees as well Emergencies, disasters, active aging, health, nutrition and food All of them are taught by UA.

Cooperation in the field of teaching was established in Clinical and health training For undergraduate studies, and in the case of master’s and doctoral studies, it extends to the field of research methodology and techniques.

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In this case, it is specified in the study program training, theoretical training and realization Practical credits By students of the University of Alicante through internships conducted in the health facilities of the IMED Hospitals Group.

UA and IMED Hospitals members at the chaplain’s office Information

The agreement also includes the promotion of the creation of Research lines in the health sciences Other specific collaboration agreements, as well as cooperation, are so that university research and education can be used in the continuous improvement of healthcare and in furthering the establishment of research lines in the health sciences.


University’s president , Amparo Navarrohighlights that “with this new collaboration agreement, IMED Hospitals joins the Health Sciences Training Project of the University of Alicante, which has a very solid base, both in terms of degree and postgraduate studies, with regard to External cooperation to conduct internships for students and to promote research“.

for his part, Angel Gomez values ​​that Not only do private hospitals require more professionals, but we also have to contribute to their training This is the best example of that. An agreement that benefits the entire society because it not only affects the training of health professionals, but also affects the continuing training, medical research and health care.”


The signing of the agreement was also attended by the Under-Secretary-General of the American Republic. Joseph OchoaDeputy Dean of the Nursing Department. Eva Maria GabaldonVice-Chancellor for Studies, Francisco TorresAnd, for the IMED Group, the hospital director, Gerson Moraless Montserrat PlanelesHR company manager.

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Added to this agreement is the one that the university recently signed in November and early December with Vitas Hospitals and Hospital del Vinallobo For the same purpose, which expands the panorama of internships for medical students that UA hopes to launch next year.