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The Fifth Conference of the Association of Young Researchers in Economic Sciences and Business Administration concluded in Cordoba

The Fifth Conference of the Association of Young Researchers in Economic Sciences and Business Administration concluded in Cordoba

On December 14, 15 and 16, the Loyola University Cordoba campus hosted the fifth conference of the Association of Young Researchers in Economic Sciences and Business Administration (Ajicede). Sponsored by Hyundai, Auditest and the Ajicede Association itself, the meeting brought together nearly a hundred young researchers from research centers in Spain and other countries who had the opportunity to present the first investigations of their scientific career. The field in which sustainability, development and social justice have played a major role.

The closing ceremony was held with a roundtable moderated by Loyola University Research Professor Pilar Tirado on Innovation and the Social Economy with Blas Garcia of Fundación Prode and Tomas de Haro, President of UNEI. Two companies that provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities and mental health problems.

In addition, at the end of the conference, prizes were handed out for the best communications presented. The first prize given by the Hyundai Sponsor was to young researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia for a paper submitted entitled: “Analysis of the development of environmental innovation in the European Union through fsQCA analysis”. The second prize awarded by Sponsor Auditest was to scientists from Jaume I University for their work entitled: “Creating More Sustainable Companies: Why It’s Important to Care About the Employee”.

The third prize was for young researchers from the University of Alicante for their communication on the “acceptance of hybrid and electric vehicles from the point of view of demand”.

In addition, awards were given for the thematic areas of the conference, which were for presentations in the areas of marketing, tourism, digital economy, applied economics, innovation, knowledge management, human resources, finance, accounting, corporate social responsibility, corporate organization, and entrepreneurship.

Under the theme “The Role of Innovation and Social Economy as Tools for Economic and Sustainable Recovery in a Post-Pandemic Scenario,” the Loyola University “Social Affairs” research group with Ajicede played a leading role in organizing this conference. The annual meeting aims to forge an Iberoamerican network of young researchers who belong to these areas of scientific knowledge, with special emphasis on promoting the academic career of those who are in the beginning stages of it.

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The opening was attended by Loyola University Vice Chancellor for Research Carlos García Alonso, Second Vice Mayor of Córdoba City Council Blanca Torrent and Dean of Loyola University College of Economics and Business Sciences Pilar Castro. Organizing Committee Representatives from Loyola University, Laura Serrano and Mar Ortiz and Ajicede Gema President Albort Morant.

For his part, the Vice Chancellor for Research at Loyola University addressed the young participants in his speech encouraging them that “in research there are three main things to consider: be coherent, know how to explain what you are doing by following the international model and in the highest possible quality, and looking for social and political impact.”

In addition to the opening, and in parallel to the oral presentations of the communications that took place, the conference held a series of plenary round tables. The first was held on December 15 and titled “Publish or Doom?: Facing the Challenge of Publication in a High Impact Journal,” was moderated by Antonio Luis Leal and with interventions by Loyola University professors Antonio Arreaza, Vicente González-Cano, and Morteza Yazdani, from the Autonomous University of Madrid.