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Real Ciencias Enerside, to end an unbeatable year

Real Ciencias Enerside, to end an unbeatable year

This Sunday La Cartuja receives CR La Vila, the last seed, who has yet to win this season. Ciencias seeks to end the year in the best way, in front of its people who have enjoyed it An amazing year for scientistswho will defend their undefeated status on Sunday afternoon.

Although it may seem that winning will be easy, the rugby match must be played and the advantages on the field to win it. The Bad guys have quality players who are beginning to establish themselves in a team that has seen many changes this summer and will try to take advantage of the opportunities they have.

He achieved victory in Catalan soil last day boost team morale, You’ve had a good week of work. The players want to bid farewell to the year offering a good game for their fans so that it’s a great morning of rugby in Cartuga and continues to be at the top of the table.

Real Ciencias Innerside coach, Manuel MazoDon’t trust the opponent: “Sunday’s game looks easier than it really is. There is no easy game in the División de Honor. La Vila will want to adjust their season, every game is an opportunity for them, they have some players at a level and they will want to give a good picture. We have to go, as usual, for victory, believing in our philosophy and that every player who enters the field shows that he is at the level of the team.”

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CR La Villa is in last place in the ranking with Six defeats out of six matches which were contested and New Zealand were the top scorer so far as Thomas Smith’s half scored ten points.

The Real Ciencias Enerside Invitational will consist of Rafa Romo, Vincent O’Brien, Andres Mercante, Nacho Salazar, Judy Allen, Oscar Sanchez, Manolo Poppo, Alex Gimeno, Daniel Steuer, Manu Moura, Franco Lopez, Woody Kirkwood, Sam Wasley, Facundo Nogueira, Coco Roldán, Cormac Fox, Jordi Jorba, Juan Domínguez, Iñaki Mateu Sergio Molinero, Guillermo Domínguez, Guillo Mateu and Axel Papa.