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Monterrey wants to host El Tre if they qualify for the 202 World Cup

Monterrey wants to host El Tre if they qualify for the 202 World Cup

after Monterey He received four matches for World Cup 2026 That would home north americaIn the delegation running the royal headquarters, they are seeking this Mexican national team I played in Sultana of the North In the round of 32 match.

The above was mentioned Alejandro Hothe Director of Host City Monterrey, During the announcement of the exhibition 'Football as an excuse' he said that their respective paths to choose Progress in the group stages is not defined and that is why they are in talks with the Aztecs to play in Monterrey if they are leaders in their sector.

“Yes right (talks to bring the match). Methods are not defined He said that the national teams of the different groups will continue, and this will be known until the summer.

“everyone We want to see the Mexican national team At our headquarters, but hey, that will definitely be decided between now and the summer when World Cup ticket saleswhich always takes place two years before the event.

BBVA Stadium will host three group stage matches and one round of 32 match.

Hot He also announced that he would be there Legends match In the second half of the year it will be managed FIFAWith a tentative date set for next September, but without mentioning the names of the players.

“We have the Tentative date: September 20 For this one Legends matchWe have obtained approval from the FIFA Legends Zone and will work in coordination with the FIFA Legends Zone FIFAThis is great news for coordination and bringing important names, I don't want to mention names, but we already have a list. We started with a list that contains a Santa Claus message, and we worked with the FIFA Mexico Zone with the Legends Zone in Zurich, working on polishing that list and certainly in March we will present news. Emphasizes the history and first names, but we are talking about the top world legends, men and women, who will come to Monterrey for this event.

They want to hold the World Cup draw in Monterrey

The delegation member reiterated his desire to hold a lottery World Cup 2026 It is implemented in Sultana of the Northalthough they will fight first because he is there Mexico Then decide whether to come to the royal lands.

“We had the opportunity to meet with the authorities in Mexican Football FederationWe have the full support of the Federation authorities, and the message with them is very clear. We want the draw to come first to Mexico as a country and then determine that the draw will be held in Mexico, to obtain the best place to host the tournament. Come everyone, in this case, we know that Monterrey has worked to prove that we are technically prepared, and we have the full support of the municipality. The state governmentwe have included Conference Center Mobility, infrastructure, security, hotels, plane tickets, for the event Monterey. So we have Full support From the authorities I think it will be Great news for Mexico “As a country.”

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