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Machado confirms that if Maduro remains in power, Venezuela will witness “the largest wave of migration.”

Machado confirms that if Maduro remains in power, Venezuela will witness “the largest wave of migration.”

(CNN in Spanish) — The leader of the opposition and founder of the political movement Vente Venezuela, María Corina Machado, and the presidential candidate for the Round Table of Democratic Unity, Edmundo González, confirmed that there is a real opportunity to establish democracy in the country. But they consider that if President Nicolas Maduro retains power by force or fraud, it could mean that in less than a year some two, three, four or five million Venezuelans will flee as part of “the largest migration wave we have seen to date.” now”.

Within the framework of his message Virtual intervention at the 54th Congress of the Council of the AmericasThe opposition leader and winner of the October opposition primaries said that if those in power remain there, we will see how criminal networks – such as the Aragua train, among others – become stronger.

In addition, the two opposition politicians highlighted the importance of the international community’s support in the context of Venezuela’s presidential elections scheduled for July 28, and noted that they are working together, aware of the challenges they face.

Former Ambassador Gonzalez emphasized that he had never participated in a political campaign before and that he was not a candidate for any elected office, but in the midst of the current situation he noticed people’s enthusiasm for participation. He pointed out that they even met with centrist and leftist organizations that expressed their desire to support the unionist candidacy he represents.

González was registered as a unity candidate, originally to protect the presence of the MUD card on the electoral ballot, but the opposition parties later decided to support him as a candidate due to the impossibility of registering Maria Corina Machado, who was disqualified by the Comptroller’s Office – a procedure she rejects and considers illegal – or Corina Joris, with extensive academic experience, was chosen as Machado’s replacement, but was unable to register her candidacy.

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