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This is how Maria Corina Machado gets around in Valera

This is how Maria Corina Machado gets around in Valera


Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado touched Venezuelans, giving them hope for a better future and a free and democratic country, which she noticed as she made her way through the various regions of the country, carrying a message: Go out and vote on the following July 28 Written by Edmundo González, presidential candidate for the irredentist platform.


Thousands of faces painted with hope and some tears, this is what can be seen at every opposition gathering.

This Thursday, May 9, a new postcard joined María Corina Machado’s path through the state of Trujillo, and journalist Luis Gonzalo shared a video on social networks describing “you”Powerful image: Descent to Falera – Edo. Trujillo. Children from a school recognize Maria Corinna’s caravan This was his reaction.”

Likewise, ConVzla leadership shared photos on social media describing “In Valera, the Venezuelan people are screaming to live in freedom and we will make it happen!”

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