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Russia and China plan to establish a nuclear plant on the moon and seize its mineral resources

Russia and China plan to establish a nuclear plant on the moon and seize its mineral resources

Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a meeting. Sputnik/Sergey Gunev/Pool via Reuters/File photo.

The ambitious race to establish a human presence on the moon has gained new momentum with Russia announcing it has begun construction of a nuclear power plant. Nuclear Energy. This development comes within the framework of unprecedented cooperation between… Russia and ChinaTwo systems join forces to create… International Lunar Research Stationa scientific complex is scheduled to begin construction in 2026. According to Yuri Borisov, Director RoscosmosThe Russian Space Agency is in the middle estuaryThis vital nuclear infrastructure is expected to be installed between 2033 and 2035.

The joint project symbolizes the clear competition between these authoritarian regimes in their space race against the West, especially against the projects of Western countries. a pot To develop the path to exploration of the moon and beyond. China And Russia They stressed that their cooperation includes several areas, including “outer space security” and the development of “artificial intelligence weapons,” noting the importance of this alliance in the field of defense and scientific research.

This deployment scenario is ambitious, as the planned base will cover an area of ​​approximately four miles, exceeding in size any theme park in the world. DisneyIt will focus on studying the unique properties of the moon. The technical challenges are great. Long lunar nights, lasting about 14 Earth days, make the use of solar panels infeasible, leading to… Borisov Proposing nuclear energy as a solution.

Cooperation between Russia And China It also has a security and monitoring aspect, as can be deduced from security plans. China To implement their “successful experience” into their monitoring system Skynet On the moon, with the aim of protecting the base from “suspicious targets”. This surveillance system is the largest in the world, and is designed to monitor every corner of China, with more than 600 million cameras installed across the country.

China’s Yutu-2 probe, or Jade Rabbit 2, wanders on the moon’s surface (China Space Administration/CNS via Reuters/File)

In addition to advances in infrastructure and surveillance, International Scientific Lunar Station It will be developed in two phases between 2025 and 2035, including the deployment of several modules designed to withstand harsh lunar conditions. “It will be necessary to establish a compact, reliable and permanent supply of nuclear power over the long term for the base to function.”Borisov noted in April.

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while Russia And China The outlines of plans for their presence on the moon are closely monitored by the international community. Possibility of a “lunar gold rush” as mentioned a potThis points to a future in which lunar resources, from minerals to helium-3, potentially revolutionary nuclear fusion energy, could transform the global economy and technology. However, the legitimacy of who “owns” lunar resources remains a subject of intense debate, despite it being a public good according to the doctrine. Outer Space Treaty to 1966 Follower United nations.

Goal Russia To carry out more lunar missions and the possibility of a joint mission managed by him Russia And China It suggests that cooperation between these two countries could extend beyond establishing a base, including the potential exploration and exploitation of lunar resources. This, coupled with AC Grayling’s comments about the emergence of a “space Wild West”, raises questions about peace and terrestrial stability in this new arena of global competition.

The new space race, with its promising but conflicting prizes, heralds an era in which the Moon’s emerging resources and technology could become the catalyst for unprecedented transformations in life on Earth and perhaps beyond. With this, while Russia And China As they move forward with their lunar project, the world is keeping its eyes on the skies, thinking about how this collaboration could redefine humanity’s future in space.