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WhatsApp will change the design of the status tab: it will now have a style similar to Facebook

WhatsApp will change the design of the status tab: it will now have a style similar to Facebook

WhatsApp wants its users to be able to see statuses in a more convenient way. (Reuters)

WhatsApp has recently been making several changes to the aesthetic section of the app. We recently saw how he redesigned all the icons on Android and then on iPhone he adjusted the colors to green, and now it has been learned that he is working on a new format for displaying statuses, very similar to how it works on Facebook.

According to WABetaInfo, LMeta is working on a new interface for the case drawerwith the aim of providing users with a more convenient way to access and explore their contact updates.

The first clue about these changes came from reports of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android in version It was announced that the application is working on a renewed interface for the status drawer.

The main goal of this update was to introduce a more modern design that allows users to preview status updates without having to open each update individually. The same way this content appears in your main Facebook feed.

The app wants to give more importance to the states, so that users have a preview. (Wapita Info)

This redesign sought to address a common problem among users: Lack of a clear preview of your contacts’ statuses. Previously, the horizontal layout introduced in the previous version replaced the preview of updates with simply a profile photo, making it difficult to quickly identify the content of statuses.

However, thanks to WhatsApp’s latest beta update, it seems that these changes have finally reached beta users, who have reported seeing the new interface in action. The revamped interface of the status drawer now includes previews in the form of thumbnailsmaking it easier for users to explore updates without having to open each update individually.

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Although it is not yet known whether the application will allow you to see a small break of the status if it is a video, as happens on Facebook, Before fully opening content posted by other users.

WhatsApp wants its users to be able to see statuses in a more convenient way. (dpa)

The change in the design of the states is not the only modification that WhatsApp is making to its interface. The app is also rolling out new colorful icons, although this update has divided opinions among users.

The new icon colors, including the green color of the send chat button, were criticized by some users. Who consider that the changes are not necessary and prefer the previous aesthetics.

At the moment, all these changes are under development and it is not clear when the new designs will be released, as they must pass certain testing processes before they are officially included in all devices.

To activate ultra dark mode, you must enable all black and low brightness options. (WhatsApp)

Before enabling WhatsApp super dark mode You need to make sure the app is updated and normal dark mode is turned on. If not yet, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings’.
  • Select “Chats”.
  • Under Theme, choose Dark.

Now, to activate Ultra Dark Mode, follow this process:

  • In Chats, go to Wallpaper.
  • Select “Change” then “Solid Colors”.
  • Choose black background and do not add WhatsApp doodles.
  • Once you’re done, go back to Wallpaper and move the brightness bar to the right if you want a completely dark wallpaper. Otherwise, try moving in the opposite direction.
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This mode is ideal for those looking to reduce eye strain and save power on their mobile phones Because it replaces light and bright colors with calmer colors.