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Tricks to find out if someone deleted you from WhatsApp

Tricks to find out if someone deleted you from WhatsApp

The wording.

Has it happened to you What do you have a doubt About whether one of your contacts is in the instant messaging app for The WhatsApp He removed you from his contact list, and you want to know?

With some tricks it is already possible to find out Who killed you? From the famous app.

It’s very simple, when someone removes you WhatsApp contact, Some information will be hidden and you will not be able to access it unless you are added again.


This is the first thing you should notice when someone removes you from WhatsApp. If this person has decided that only his scheduled friends are They can see the statuses of their appsAnd, in case they did not notice, it means that they have undoubtedly deleted your cell phone number.

personal picture

By default WhatsApp configures all users to display their personal photos only to people that you have saved on your cell phone. So if that friend, coworker, or family member doesn’t have a profile picture, that means they removed you from their contacts.

The time of the last connection

Anyone can choose whether to display this information to only their friends or to all contacts. In the case of your first choice, if he removes you from his agenda, this means that you will not be able to see him normally. But this can vary.


You will not be able to add it to groups. If that person had the option to block group invitations from strangers, that means they also deleted you as contacts. Note all of these signs and you will see if it has clearly eliminated you.

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