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(Video) A spacecraft carrying 4 astronauts almost exposed to an unknown flying object - Diario La Pagina

(Video) A spacecraft carrying 4 astronauts almost exposed to an unknown flying object – Diario La Pagina

Four astronauts from the crew of the Crow Dragon spacecraft, built by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, lived the horror of their lives after an unknown “flying object” nearly hit them when their spacecraft took off to go to the station. International Space).

The strange moment occurred last Friday when everything went smoothly from Florida but the crew received data on a possible collision while they were near the space station.

Due to the potential for collision and short maneuvering time, the spacecraft crew were required to wear their zip-up suits and fasten their seat belts, however, fortunately, the body passed, even though it was very close to the ship.

After the event, NASA reported that the object could not be recognized, however, it is believed to be a piece of space debris, the US Space Agency captured the moment when the capsule separated from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, while the object was flying at very close range.

No harm to regret
Fortunately, the unknown object passed and did not collide with the ship and its crew, however the astronauts were surprised that according to NASA calculations, the object only passed about 45 kilometers from the ship, a distance that might appear on Earth. Huge, in space it is relatively short.

It should be noted that once the danger was ruled out, the mission continued naturally and successfully with the International Space Station; For their part, many netizens have speculated the possibility that an extraterrestrial spacecraft sought to block the mission.

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