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Justice opens a second criminal investigation against Shakira on charges of defrauding the treasury

Justice opens a second criminal investigation against Shakira on charges of defrauding the treasury

Singer Shakira arrives at the Barcelona court on November 20, 2023. (EFE/Enric Fontcuberta)

folder to the last suspended account Shakira With justice, at least in criminal proceedings. A court in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) issued a decision to save and temporarily dismiss the open investigation against the Colombian artist by two alleged individuals. Crimes against the public treasury.

Actions are archived after each Public Prosecutor’s Office As requested by the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Government of Catalonia. “Since there is no charge, the only option is to issue a dismissal order and file these proceedings,” the judge’s order notes.

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Last November, Shakira accepted a fine 7.8 million euros In the trial of the first case brought against her for tax fraud. The singer reached an agreement with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Tax Authority under which she admitted to defrauding 15.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014. In addition, she avoided going to prison.

In this second case, the Public Prosecution requested its dismissal on the grounds that “there is insufficient evidence that the aforementioned crimes were committed.” In the order in which the Esplugues de Llobregat judge heard this request, she emphasized that “in this case, There is no indicator “Anyone can prove that Shakira Isabel MR knowingly and voluntarily deleted tax-significant information and documents from her tax advisor for purposes of her personal income tax and intellectual property returns for fiscal year 2018.”

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The judge continues: “For this reason, it is considered the most consistent with the law, taking into account the provisions of the articles.” 637 and 641 of the Anti-Corruption Law, is to issue a decision to temporarily dismiss the proceedings.”

Colombian singer Shakira avoids prison after reaching an agreement.

The facts investigated indicate that Shakira, “motivated by the desire not to pay taxes on all her income and to stop paying what she is entitled to to the state treasury, submitted Incorrect personal income and intellectual property tax returns For fiscal year 2018, omitting to declare income and deducting expenses that were not applicable.

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The actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the Colombian artist received part of the income she received from Transferring your music rights Through a company established in Luxembourg, it signed several “fake contracts” with which it benefited from “very reduced” taxes that amounted to 1.39% in fiscal year 2018. The complaint also states that Shakira used another company, founded in Spain in 2017, to “calculate income and corresponding expenses” for her tour.

Specifically, the Ministry of Public Affairs mentioned another 17 “useful” associations. Based in the Netherlands, Malta, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Bahamas, Miami, New York or Liechtenstein which the singer allegedly used to manage income from her music career as well as maintain her real estate and financial assets.

Colombian singer Shakira avoids prison after reaching an agreement.

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