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Ashley Carino: “There are a few mixed feelings”

Ashley Carino: “There are a few mixed feelings”

The chapter with new goals is the one that appears in Ashley Ann Carreno Barreto’s life book in the countdown to handing over the title of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2022.

Traveling to see new tourist destinations, spending more time with family, resuming his university studies and getting ready to venture into different aspects of leisure are many of the goals he has noticed in his new path.

He maintains that since his reign, he has taken on greater self-respect, gratitude, and the certainty that a dream is worth dreaming about. “Now that the handover of the Crown is approaching, there are definitely a few mixed feelings. Happy because it’s a year in which I’ve had so many memorable experiences, and at the same time a little sad because it means it’s a chapter about to end. But as I always say, when a chapter closes, Another chapter begins with many new opportunities, ”says the 5’11’ tall beauty, smiling, who managed to stand out among the five finalists of the international competition, which was held in January.

“She now Ashley has life experiences that she didn’t have, Ashley has evolved and realized what she can achieve, so I’m really excited about what’s going to happen.”

One aspect that has been omitted is making a difference in terms of what is expected of a MUPR representative. “For me, that was probably not something I used to do. At first a lot of people thought maybe she was too reserved or too quiet because they used to be extroverts. I introduced her to the concept that beauty queens come anyway, introverts, extroverts, science lovers.” , or they don’t like science, she doesn’t dance, she dances…”, she thought about what she considered a great achievement, and recalled being met with criticism about his personality.

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“For a long time, what I loved most was science. She was very reserved, very quiet, and a lot of people would say ‘shy.’ They criticized me a lot when I started out as Miss Universe Puerto Rico, as a candidate, because maybe people didn’t see me as a Miss prototype.”

For the new queen, who will receive her crown at the closing ceremony on Aug. 24 at the Louis A. Ferret Center for Fine Arts, in Santurce, she advises enjoying every step of the experience, rather than just focusing on bringing home a sixth crown.

“That she trusts her and not loses herself the title of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, because I think it is easy with the pressure that one feels, with the expectations of people, to feel that fear, or perhaps that one loses oneself in your character. And to be thankful at all times for What I achieved and it’s still the same.” By the way, he praised the performance of the 30 candidates for the new crown, who will be presenting at the event, which will be broadcast at 8:00 pm on Wapa TV, after the introduction, which will be at 7:00 pm.

“I am very happy with the selection of our nominees. I say that this year it is much stronger than what we have seen because there are so many girls and so many candidates who can be Miss Universe.” Married or married candidates, women with children and pregnant women are allowed to participate.

“I have always said that the changes we are seeing in beauty pageants are also the changes that are taking place in society,” he analyzed, and stated that “giving him this opportunity means that we realize that this is not a limit to reach him to achieve their dreams or to be a representative of a country.”

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Continuing his studies in aeronautical engineering is a priority in his new agenda. said the beauty queen, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, Florida. In turn, she shared a note that the public not only associates her with the title of beauty, but also with “the one who was fascinated by space, the one who worked for many years with children and STEM”, is something “I definitely want to keep working.”

He envisions the possibility of moving to Florida, where his family resides, for the month of September. He explained, “I’m thinking of going back to the States when I hand over the crown, maybe next month, but I’ll just come and go.” “I have all my family there, my dad, mom, and grandparents,” he said with some nostalgia, talking about the family business, a coffee shop established in 2020 in Kissimmee, Florida, and his customer service experience.

“My family has always had my support. Café Cariño, for me, is where I also started to love coffee, which fascinates me, and not only that, what it means to be an entrepreneur, to have your own business, “she confirmed after explaining to Primera Hora demonstrates her abilities to brew and decorate different latte art glasses at Panchi Café, in Hato Rey. “While I may not necessarily see myself fully working there, I would like to expand the reach of Café Cariño,” added the cappuccino and latte aficionado.

The entertainment sphere is included in their plans. “I had the opportunity to participate She lives in the afternoon (Wapa TV) as an artist several times, and I loved it. I also went to Mexico, where I took acting lessons, and I liked that too. I guess I don’t want to take it up again, but to see the opportunities that exist in the media world, because it’s something that interested me and I found I had talent, at least that’s what they told me there.”

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The cultural exchange that takes place when visiting a country is one of the most desired experiences. “I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and I didn’t get the chance because I was in extensive preparations for Miss Universe, and now that I have more time, I think it’s one of the things I want to keep doing.”

Motivate will continue in its interest, as it did with its Hidden Dreams initiative, which aims to give talks to middle and high school students.

“It’s something I’d like to continue. It started from the very beginning in Florida, where I was talking about maybe we have a hidden dream, and for some reason, either society thinks we can’t do it, or people tell us we don’t have the ability to make it happen, and then we stop ourselves.” Who pursue this dream, “he noted. “This is a project I’m very excited about and I think it brings a lot to boys and girls, because it’s a very powerful message and I want to carry that on beyond my term.”