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The song that Luis Miguel dedicated to Paloma to cry out his love from the four winds

The song that Luis Miguel dedicated to Paloma to cry out his love from the four winds

Luis Miguel in Argentina 2023. REUTERS/Agotin Markarian

Mexico City, Aug. 15 (Universal). – Presence Luis Miguel In Argentina there is no way to go unnoticed. Is that the 53-year-old artist keeps his talent and mystery intact, both on and off stage, and that is something he has been demonstrating in his presentations.

The interpreter of “La bikina” is punctual at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires and takes vacations at the luxurious Hotel Faena. There, Luis Miguel is in very good company since his designer girlfriend Paloma Cuevas has arrived with him in the South American country and they are enjoying their stay.

Luis Miguel will play his last concert in Argentina on Friday, as part of the 2023 tour that will later take him to Chile, the United States and Mexico. The “I Don’t Know You” interpreter receives unending ovations at each of his performances and there is a certain moment when they close.

Those who have attended the parties have noticed Luis Miguel looking towards the box where his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas is and singing a cappella to her, then with his music, the song “Cucurrucucú Paloma”. It is the creation of composer Tomás Méndez that has gained such high profile that it has been heard in various voices, including those of Julio Iglesias, Plácido Domingo and Rocío Dúrcal, among others.

The song repeats the song “Paloma” repeatedly and that is why Luis Miguel chose it to end his every show in Argentina and that every evening is a declaration of love for his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas, whom he has known since her childhood. El Sol de México no longer hides his love for the Spanish designer and is equally cheered by his fans.

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