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The United States warned that it would reevaluate its relationship with Georgia if the controversial “Russian law” was implemented

The United States warned that it would reevaluate its relationship with Georgia if the controversial “Russian law” was implemented

The United States threatened to re-evaluate its relationship with Georgia if the controversial “Russian law” was approved (Reuters)

United State He warned on Tuesday that he would reevaluate his relationship with… Georgia If an initiative has been previously approved Georgian Parliament known as ‘Russian law“Because of its similarity to the regulations in Russia It is used to silence opponents.

We are deeply concerned about the legislation enacted by Georgia similar to the legislation passed by the Kremlin“The spokesman said White House, Karen Jean-Pierrein a press conference.

he Parliament of Georgia This controversial law was approved on Tuesday by 83 votes to 30 and now passes into the hands of the president. Salome ZurabishviliWho said he would veto it, even though his decision might be overturned by another vote in the House of Representatives. Parliament.

“We’ll see what he does.” ParliamentBut if this legislation is passed, it will force us to do so Fundamentally re-evaluating our relationship with Georgia“The spokesman said White House.

he Joe Biden’s government In recent weeks, she has already expressed her concern about the law, which, in her opinion United States of AmericaI would like to put Georgia farther than European Union (European Union) which obtained the status of a candidate country for accession in June 2022, and from NATOwith whom he maintains close relations.

The project, which was approved by a majority of 83 votes to 30 against, will now pass into the hands of President Salome Zurabishvili, who said she would veto it, although her decision could be overturned by another vote in Parliament (Europe Press).

The legislation stipulates the annual publication of data from non-governmental organizations and media outlets whose budgets constitute more than 20% of foreign contributions.

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This law caused massive demonstrations in Georgia And all day Tuesday.

Slaves, slaves of Russia!“, chanted the demonstrators against deputies of Sueno Georgiano, the ruling party, the promoter of the controversial law.

In the hall, quarrels broke out between pro-government deputies and opposition deputies who demanded the withdrawal of the draft law, as was seen on the live broadcast of the plenary session of Parliament.

“Georgian Dream remains committed to the European path and protecting Georgian sovereignty. “We will support all systems that allow Georgia to be stronger and ensure our security and democratic development,” said Deputy Speaker of Parliament, pro-government MP Archil Talakvadze.

Representative of the opposition United National Movement Georgi ButkoviliThe honorary president of the Georgian Dream, billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, was accused of negotiating with national interests to save his capital frozen by the West.

All traitors who vote for this law must be punished by the West“Butkovili emphasized.

“Slaves, slaves of Russia!” Demonstrators chanted against representatives of the Georgian Dream Party, the ruling party, promoting the controversial law (Reuters/Irakli Gidinidze)

In defense of its project, the government emphasizes that it does not provide for criminal liability, but rather imposes fines of more than 9 thousand dollars In the event of refusal to disclose the source of funds.

The authorities explained the necessity of passing the law by saying that more than 80 percent of these revenues are not transparent and could be used to destabilize before the next parliamentary elections on October 26.

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Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denounced “foreign interference” in Georgia.

We note the firm desire of the Georgian authorities to defend the country against clear interference in its internal affairs, just as the vast majority of countries in the world do. “On the other hand, we see clear foreign interference in Georgia’s internal affairs.”

Peskov added that the Kremlin “hears threats to impose sanctions on Georgia if it passes a certain law.”

What is this if not direct interference in Georgia’s internal affairs?“, he wondered.

On the other hand, he stressed that “this is a completely internal matter for Georgia,” and for this reason Moscow has no intention of interfering.

(With information from EFE and AFP)