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Sofia Aragon, the former beauty queen who rejects labels and embraces diversity of bodies

Sofia Aragon, the former beauty queen who rejects labels and embraces diversity of bodies

The young woman from Guadalajara, Mexico, competed in the Miss Universe 2019 contest (Reuters / Elia Novelage).

For people to have the ability to change, or evolve, depending on how you see it, is always a good thing. No one should be married for life to what they once did or to the ideas they once professed. A great example is Sofia Aragon, who without shame or guilt, but full of goodwill, decided to turn around and contribute her experience as an inspiration for change.

But what did Sofia Aragon do? Well, the former beauty queen has become an advocate for new, more inclusive and modern aesthetic paradigms. While she herself was part of the most visible parts of the traditional female beauty machine, she decided to step back from that and lead a fairer, more realistic crusade.

Who was the winner of Mexican Universal 2019 and the representative of Mexico at Miss Universe 2019 – where she was runner-up – now promotes the acceptance of different body shapes from her role as a model.

After passing the beauty pageants, Araj & # xf3 penetrated into the beauty pageant.  nó  On TV as a host (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

After her time in beauty pageants, Aragon ventured into television as a presenter (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images).

The woman from Guadalajara, now 28, has joined a fashion brand whose pillars are flattering all body types. “It is important to highlight Latin beauty, before the standard of beauty consisted of size 0 and double zero, that is, they required us to be very thin,” said the model, writer, presenter, speaker and former beauty queen.

“That is why it is very important for me to show that there are different types of bodies, for example, the Latin body is full of curves and rhythms, which is my personal favorite,” Aragon admitted regarding his union with the fashion company she now represents.

former conductor of Joy comes s the sound He did not want to miss the opportunity to paint a less optimistic self-portrait. “I think each of us has very distinct labels for what it means to be who we are in the world for being men and women and professionals and Mexicans and what kind of labels have been imposed on us simply for the fact that we were born where we were born or had that education.”

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In light of this, he wanted to put out an invitation to people to be part of the change. “That’s why it’s so great to say which signs we want to keep and which aren’t a part of us. I always tell people you have to decide who you were before they tell you who you are and that’s a lifetime process of discovery, of asking yourself questions, but that’s what Life is all about having fun, falling down, learning to get up, and at this moment what I can say is that as long as you enjoy breaking those stereotypes, it’s all worth it.”

Even Aragon dared to comment in the same vein what lust was to her. “For me, sensuality has nothing to do with the body, but with the mind, and I think any woman is sensual the moment she feels in control of herself.” She defined herself in a very private way: “I am a bold woman, I like to break the rules, I am a troublemaker, I own myself.”

This explains the change of direction and the position he is now defending. In fact, he recently showed his stance on the changes regarding the new rules of Miss Universe. “Very valuable changes have been made this year, both from women who are married, who have children, and that the new owner is now a trans woman. It’s a very valuable thing that Miss Universe, like the majority of platforms in the world, recognizes. That there is nothing more important than appreciating diversity. “.

Everything seems to indicate that this is a real position, based on real convictions. Only time and deeds will tell how solid Sophia of Aragon’s ideals are, or whether she responds to circumstantial demands or interest of another nature.

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