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Sarah Cohan: 4 Censorship Defying Sheer Cover-Up Dresses

Sarah Cohan: 4 Censorship Defying Sheer Cover-Up Dresses

Sarah Cohan Unstoppable on social networks by showing off the most stylish and daring outfits Censorship challenge. on his official account instagramthe model who became famous in Mexico for being a wife Javier “Chicharito” Hernandezis very active and constantly shares her best looks, being Fitted dresses with sheer membranes Which caused quite a stir in recent days.

The Australian has two children with the Mexican soccer player, Noah and NalaAnd although she stayed away from the networks for a few months, she is now more active and once again shared her best looks with her followers on the popular Meta platform, who are They never miss an opportunity to leave her alluring messages, as she has been confirmed as one of the most beautiful women on the platforms..

Sarah Cohan falls in love with sheer dresses

The model has always been distinguished by her modern style and revealing clothes, but in recent days she has been seen imposing herself with her style, by sharing it with her 1.4 million followers. instagram Photographs in which she graces steampunk garments, informing fashion for women in their 20s and 30s, who like themselves are young mothers and want to continue wearing the best of fashion.

Sarah conquers networks with her looks and beauty. Photo: IGsarahkohan

Sarah She managed to add thousands of “likes” and dozens of flattering comments in English and Spanish, as the model won many Mexican fans for her relationship with Javier Hernandez, who in recent days has led to a speech for not being called up to Mexico. A team that plays in the FIFA World Cup that takes place in Qatar, from which they finally divorced, after strong rumors of their separation.

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In the pictures that caused a stir among his followers, the football player’s former partner shines with his clothes, as they are pieces that stand out and attract attention because they are made of fabrics. transparencieswhich also perfectly matches the slender and embellished silhouette of KohanWorld Health Organization Censorship challenge The limitations of the popular platform are as serious as they are dresses.

The model imposes a style in transparencies. Photo: IGsarahkohan

Although just a few months ago, the Australian national caused concern among her millions of fans because of her slim appearance, the model, who has collaborated with world-famous companies such as Prada, no longer receives comments about it, on the contrary, It rains on the outfits that she shows off and that captures her and highlights her beauty, as happened in the last days with her transparent dresses.

The ex-wife of “Chicharito” is proud of her exquisite body. Photo: IGsarahkohan

Sarah Cohan28 years old, married in 2019 with Hernandez. The couple had two children, and after many separation rumors that began in December 2020, it was confirmed in 2021 that they are in the process of divorcing. In July last year, the media announced that the model had filed a lawsuit against her now ex-partner.

According to TMZ Sports, the Australian declared that the Mexican “does not participate in the daily upbringing of his two children,” according to the Australian attorney in documents submitted to the US court.

The Australian beauty is crowned the queen of elegance. Photo: IGsarahkohan

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