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Vicente Fernandez’s grandson can’t stand and breaks down in tears

Vicente Fernandez’s grandson can’t stand and breaks down in tears

since you left Vicente Fernandez His family members are broken, so a singer Of the dynasty could not bear the pain of losing it like this I broke down cryingAs did Fernandez on more than one occasion.

undoubtedly pain match From famous artist from “Here Among Us” Vicente Fernandez He grieves for the whole of Mexico, despite the fact that he left this world 12 days ago, since then millions and millions of fans have cheered his songs.

His son Alejandro Fernandez and Alex Fernandez Who in turn is the son of El Potrillo, both of whom were performing farewell concerts for Don Chente, and the audience sang his songs.

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These are two significant figures of one of the country’s most famous breeds in the Mexican regional genre, as well as the Aguilar, just as fans of Vicente Fernández can’t miss singing along with his songs and honoring him with their music.

Alejandro Fernandez is the youngest member of the ruling family | Instagram alexfernandez.g

The feeling of seeing them sing was so great that even on more than one occasion it broke their voice, as with Alejandro, when he interpreted “When I wanted to be cool,” the whole audience applauded instantly and surely more than one made him second with tears and lumps in the throat.

However, it was now his son Alex Fernandez who also decided, two years ago, to enter the music world like his father and grandfather.

Through his Instagram account, he shared a post where they were seen singing together at these shows which the audience absolutely loved, probably because they were singing with more heart and even pain.

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On this occasion, it was Alejandro who made his son cry with the same song during its performance, the young man did not want to cry in front of the audience, however, it can be said that he reached a certain point where he could no longer bear it and burst into tears for his grandfather.

Vicente was not only an important Mexican singer and actor of regional music, but a father and grandfather to his family, something that undoubtedly weighed most when it came to the pain of his passing.

Describing the young man, he thanked Guadalajara for accompanying him and his father on the said show over the weekend, each of them being something important to both of them, referring to his “tata” as he referred to his grandfather, explaining that they would always take him with them.

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