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Andrea Lejareta defends Lucero Mijares and calls out the Mexican community

Andrea Lejareta defends Lucero Mijares and calls out the Mexican community

MEXICO CITY, May 8 (EL UNIVERSAL).- After the unfortunate comments made by Eduardo Videgaray, Sofía Rivera Torres and José Ramón “El Estaca” about the fitness of Lucero Mijares, daughter of Lucero and Manuel Mijares, different characters from the show have emerged. They came out in defense of the young woman, and among them was the driver, Andrea Legarreta.

The presenter of the “Hoy” program not only confirmed her support for the young singer and denounced the hosts’ position; It also puts an end to those who think about others without thinking.

“In the end, this community has made it very common to find attacks of all kinds on the networks. I mean, it shocks me that the adults among us, who are dedicated to this, are stopping now, maybe kicking you out.” Without knowing you, because they don’t like you and then they throw a lot of hate at you.”He said during the opening of a hamburger restaurant.

Legarreta admitted that his family has also experienced this type of attack up close, so he knows that criticism affects not only those who receive it, but also the people closest to them.

“It affects everyone around the person who is being criticized. I have seen it with my daughters, I have seen them cry because of comments written to them on social networks, and it is not easy. It seems to me that this must end.” He added frankly.

The actress also stressed the importance of empathy, and before making any comment that could hurt others, think about what would happen if the roles were reversed.

“I imagine that all the people who criticize, by any means, have mothers, have brothers and sisters; why don’t we think about whether we would like this to happen to those close to us, maybe that way this situation will be resolved.”

Regarding the support that her daughter Mia provided to Lucero in these complicated moments, Legarreta noted that thanks to the “Juego de voices” program, the two girls have become very close.

“They are very supportive and this is very important to face this kind of problem, and the good thing is that when something like this happens, they support each other… that’s how it should be,” he concluded.

For his part, Eduardo Videgaray, who attended Lino Nava’s funeral, refused to talk about the controversy raised by his statements against Mijares’ daughter.

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