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MLS. Rodolfo Pizarro admitted that he now values ​​Inter Miami

after leaving the ranks Rayados de Monterrey, Rodolfo Pizarro He returned to the United States to experience his second phase as a player in the United States Inter Miami affiliate football League (MLS), a team that has asserted that it does not know how to evaluate it in the past.

And the 29-year-old Mexican player revealed this in a press conference Now he feels more mature To play with the US national team, in addition to participating How was your first experience with the Florida club.

“I think (feel) more mature, I didn’t enjoy the last year I was here before I left As many times as he should have enjoyed it.

“There was a time I wasn’t happy playing, I didn’t appreciate what I had And yes, I think that was it. That’s when I left and came back I appreciate more what this establishment is And what is this team.

mental change

Likewise, Tampico native Tamaulipas, who has already had an assist in the current season and MLSHe mentioned that he would focus on it now Enjoy your profession more in order to restore its level.

Profession appreciationWe appreciate the fact that we have the privilege of playing football, doing what we love, Try to make happinesshappy life and then playing for fun and playing football, I think that’s what changed the mentality.”

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