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Haiti makes the American League tremble! Violet crushes FC Austin 3-0 and turns the CONCACAF Champions League on its head


Complicated night for Austin and Violet FC acquittal in the Dominican Republic. The Haitian side apparently defeated the club from the Texas capital 3-0 in the match that opened the 2023 CONCACAF Champions League Round of 16 competition.

Two goals by Mish Nayder Sherry and a goal against Amr Tarek to seal the victory for the local team, they celebrated the night.

Austin picked a lineup with many players who don’t usually start in MLS games, and the Caribbean team quickly showed they had more accuracy and speed in offensive plays.

Things began to unravel in the 14th minute, when Roberto Badiou Louima hit a sharp cross from the left for Athletic player Michy Naider Cherry to turn things upside down 1-0.

The attacking efforts of Diego Fagundez, Maxi Oroti and Rodney Reeds did not do enough damage against Violet AC.

In the 40th minute, the hosts tracked down their first goal to extend the lead: Mish Neider Cherry, after a cross from the left from Denilson Pierre, made it 2-0.

Austin FC pushed more than their defensive lapses in the first half, and took to the field in the second half wanting to turn things around.

But this idea remained only a matter of wishes and good intentions. Shortly after the match resumed, Violet scored a goal past defender Amr Tarek, making it 3-0.

In their first official match at international level, MLS didn’t pit “Green” against the toughness of the Haitian club. Things should change a lot in a week, when a rematch of this series takes place at the vibrant O2 Stadium in Austin, Texas, if coach Josh Wolfe’s men are to hope to expand their experience in the CONCACAF Champions League.