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Mitorai joins his sculpture in the City of Arts and Sciences

Igor Mitorai’s two-to-five-meter bronze works find their space at Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències de València (CACSA) to educate the public about the legendary and historical world seen by the Polish sculptor. CACSA Director General, Antonio Torres, and Director of Content, Miriam Atenza, explained that the exhibition will be available until October 16 in various outdoor spaces such as Hemisfèric Lakes, Palau de les Arts, Paseo de Cipreses, Paseo del Arte del Umbracle and the western entrance to the Museum Museu de les Ciències. In addition, they commented that this proposal is included in the new commitment to urban and public art, which seeks the confrontation between science, nature and art in the same space. At the presentation of the initiative, carried out in collaboration with the Contini Art Gallery and Atelier Metoray, the curator, Kosme de Barañáno, and the Regional Secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer, were present. De Barañáno detailed some of the distinctive elements of the famous Polish sculptor who drew inspiration from the concept of Broken Beauty, whose bronze pieces, with a certain touch of postmodernism, bear some resemblance to ancient Roman works. Culture and Greek.

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