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Michelle Salas’ requirements for her guests at her wedding

Michelle Salas’ requirements for her guests at her wedding

According to the Spanish press. Michelle Salas is getting married this weekend in Italy And the model, 34 years old, He imposed strict rules on all his wedding guests.His father, singer Luis Miguel, is also expected to arrive.

“They will be Three days from the weddingstarts today October 13This is Friday. On the same day there is supposed to be a first meeting of all the guests of this wedding in a luxurious and wonderful place Tuscany, Italy“, said journalist Beatriz Cortazar, from the program “And Now Sonsoles”.

The influencer, who is also an influencer, was asking her guests to stick together Your attendance requirements Wedding with Danilo DiazMichelle wants to avoid leaking photos and videos of her celebration.

“The first call will be a welcome cocktail, some will arrive by private jet, others on scheduled flights, and some by car. Gentlemen have been asked not to wear ties as it would be a bit too formal.“, revealed the journalist.

He added that he “asked the men to wear Italian style with soft colors and such Women wear something no longer than the knee“So that it does not become long or shiny.”

For the night Religious celebration on the 14thMen were required to wear tuxedos and women to wear long dresses. “No cell phones, not a cell phoneThey will then distribute a link to everyone, where they will be able to see the photos. They tell me that Security measures And even when it comes to sending invitations, it remains strictly confidential.”

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“The next day, Sunday the 15th, there will be brunch, where women are asked to wear sheer, pastel-colored clothing. Everything is more subtle and elegant,” the caller concluded, detailing Michelle Salas wedding.

Celebrities who will attend the wedding of Michelle Salas and Danilo Diaz

the Wedding of Luis Miguel’s eldest daughter, is the most awaited event in the world of entertainment. In fact, the wedding date was also a mystery, so a lot of information about the event has emerged Actress Sylvia Pinal, her great-grandmother, will not attend From the young and influential model.

the Celebrities invited to the wedding of Michelle Salas and Danilo Diaz They are: the actress Stephanie Salas, mother of Michelle Salas; the actor Humberto Zurita, Stefani’s boyfriend (possibly with his children, Sebastian and Emiliano); actress Sylvia PasquillMichelle’s grandmother. And the actress Camila ValeroMichelle’s younger sister.

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