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Between screams and tears, the host undergoes spiritual healing on a live show

Between screams and tears, the host undergoes spiritual healing on a live show

Since April, Yolanda Andrade He had frequent trips to and from the hospital. We’ve seen it on social networks in recent months Undergoing painful treatments He said he had Internal bleeding and stomach discomfort. In addition, he was seen with some spots on his eyes due to… Aneurysm.

Currently back to work After maintaining certain care. However, his improvement was very slow. So he made that clear Willing to try any treatment Which could benefit her.

A clear example is what happened in the program Montse and Joe Broadcast on October 10, where They had Mr. Oh as a guest, Presumably a Korean man Heals people through energies. The guru usually opens the blocked energy channels and thus helps the body to replenish its energy on its own.

Montserrat Oliver She asked the teacher to treat her. So the guest said as soon as the driver sat next to him:

“You feel a lack of energy. We have our energy battery in the digestive system, so it reaches the body. “It doesn’t have enough energy, especially on the left side.”

Mr. Oh

Mr. Oh mentioned to Yolanda: “Your system is not working properly at the moment”. For this reason, he asked him to allow the energy to enter and not to worry if he felt pain.

Yolanda Andrade He burst into tears and started screaming While her companions, Montserrat, Diana Golden, Omar Fierro, and Renee Strickler watched what was happening in amazement..

Teacher He noted that he opened the intestines to allow energy to enter He stated that it seemed to him unbelievable that the famous woman continued to have so much negative energy inside her, so he made her a kind of ambition.

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After the cut was made, her colleagues and guests saw a change in her, as Diana Golden and Omar Fierro stated:

“It’s just that you already have another side.”… “I’ve known Yolanda since she started and She was always brave, never crying, and tough, even if it hurt her. “You can’t wait to see her here, not just crying, but screaming, it’s shocking.”

Yolanda Andrade She stated that after what happened, she felt lighter and regained her health as she had not done for a long time: “Thank God I lived that experience. I don’t know what happened to me, but I feel much better.”