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Alex Lora has requested that the Mexican national team not be called “El Tri” since 2015

Alex Lora has requested that the Mexican national team not be called “El Tri” since 2015

Alex Laura And the Mexican national team They have more history than it seems, since back in 2015 when they were rockers He asked that the name “Al-Tari” be respected.Because she Registered trademark Who belongs to your group.

Celia Garcia Guerrero, By press release, he was one Exposed to Which El Tri was a registered trademark To which it belongs Alejandro Lora.

“The doctrine “Trio”® Recognized by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property as a Registered trademarkfor whom The owner is Mr. Alejandro Lora SernaWho has used and exploited the name since 1984.”

What happens if a third party uses the trademark?

This statement warns against any The person who uses it From the brand, Without the owner’s consent, he will be subject to penalty.

“And it was proven anyone Physical or moral, used, exploited or exploited Get rid of it From each other Registered trademark without the owner’s consentHe is Creditor of penalties and the crimes stipulated in the aforementioned decree.”

Finally, Celia Garcia at the time asked that Mexican national teamin none of its classes, is identified as “El Tri”.

Is there a dispute between El Tri and the Mexican national team?

the Mexican Football Federation On Thursday, he ruled out any legal problem with… A Mexican rock band called El Tri.

“Regarding the information circulated in recent hours, the FMF Legal Office reports the following: The Mexican Football Federation has no dispute with Mr. Alex Lora regarding the use of any trademark Ownership of FMF. EL TRI is not a registered trademark of FMF“.

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