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Chocolate announces his retirement from music

Chocolate announces his retirement from music

Cuban reggaeton player Yosefanis Arismin Sierra Hernandezknown by his stage name Chocolate MC, announced on his networks that he is retiring from music.

In a post on his Instagram account under the username lajuntapodcastoficialThe singer sent a message to his followers “with a lot of sadness and pain in his soul.”

“In this way I inform you that due to mental health and other issues, I have decided to retire from the world of music and entertainment,” he said.

Screenshot from Instagram/lajuntapodcastoficial

He concluded: “Until today I have tried to give my best, with my faults and virtues. I have gone through thousands of things and overcome them all, but we must understand that even iron breaks.”

In another post that no longer appears on his networks, the so-called King of Delivery Workers indicated that after recording his last record, he would fulfill his pending obligations.

He added, “As for the rest, I hope that my fans will always carry me in their hearts and that my haters will rest easy, because as of today the Chocolate MC’s career is over.”

This week, several audio clips of him, supposedly directed at his partner, circulated online, in which he can be heard berating him as he breaks down into tears.

The recording surprised his fans, as it was only a little over a month old The reggaeton player showed off his new home on his networksin a video clip that also featured La Bebesita, who indicated that they would live together in that house.

In July, Chocolate MC proposed to his girlfriend After he openly confessed his feelings for her.

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“I want to marry you and accept my love openly. I love you so very much, my queen,” he wrote.