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Merkle’s commitment to diversity and well-being, SFS Award for Best Midsize Company – ORH

As happens in the vast majority of newly created tech companies, youth is one of the biggest motivators when it comes to betting on health, resilience, or sustainability. And thanks to its dynamic, mobile, healthy and holistic environment, Merkle has been awarded with an award SFS Award in the medium business category. According to the opinion of the arbitration committee, the company «integrate active participation of people, adapts measures to the profile of the workforce and relies on it through a committee made up of volunteers who propose ideas and take the pulse of their acceptance among all employees.

The company has a very young workforce (34 years on average). For this reason, most of the measures outlined target youth, with an emphasis on Flexible scheduleThe exercise And also in matters emotional well-being. But perhaps most innovatively, the strategy definition around which these issues revolve is based on a series of social and cultural pillars on which the company operates in terms of diversity: Gender, disability, mental health, religion, group diversity, and generational diversity LGTBI.

We try all the measures we have taken to adapt them to our employees. Lydia Luc Calero, Human Resources Project at Dentsu Spain.

All this is expressed in the form A committee Made up of volunteers Takes the pulse of templates, suggests ideas, and helps focus on those to be implemented So that they get the best possible reception. east The committee reviewed It consists of 12 people who propose, analyze and discuss ideas before launching them. Something that the jury would rate positively, as an effective method that allows the company Hear the voice of the staff.

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Its commitment to putting the worker at the center is such that in 2021 the company created a mental wellness program that boils down to Wellness day: Two days of free disposition So that the employee can enjoy it in a healthy way and an additional third, in conjunction with October 10, Mental Health Day. In Spain, in addition to this, the company is adding another Two days of free disposition to do volunteer work. For now, we analyze how they extrapolate to the rest of the group.

actions performed

  • health: A training scheme to improve the working environment, a permanent psychological support team since the pandemic, a matchmaking support program (advice and assistance with tasks of no professional value, such as managing personal documents, transporting the car to ITV or walking the dog) and promotion of participation in sports/leisure activities that paid by the company.
  • Flexibility: Flexible hours between 7 am and 7 pm Intensive work day in summer months Up to 60% of time for remote volunteer work Computerized job booking system Creation of co-working spaces and private areas for video calls Incentive system for leisure (wellness) day, 2 days To volunteer, an additional two days off after spending two years with the company).
  • Sustainability Employee listening program in terms of sustainability and volunteering, computer donations, work immersion programs for youth in every location at risk of exclusion, measurable targets only for the CEO in terms of diversity and exclusion, promotion of gender policies (52.1% of employees are women),