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Mercilessly! Platense insults Villanueva and continues his unstoppable speed in the Clausura 2023 of the Promotion League.


This Saturday continued into the third day of the tournament End of 2023 affiliate promotion slug After starting on Friday with three matches in different regions of the country.

Today it’s turn platens fc, Who visited the complex pitch for Villanueva F.Cin one of history’s engaging duels.

he “Sharks” He reached the stadium Jose Adrian Cruz With conviction, he is looking for the second victory in the championship, after defeating Waheed on the second day.

The two-time National League champion gave his hand to the “bad guys” who tried to counterpunch in the second half of the game.


In the first part of the duel, Jesus Mina was present on the scoreboard, but the feast of goals reached the stage of completion.

Platense increased the score, but Villanueva FC, through Kevin Meraz and Carlos Ballanta, leveled the score in the match.

You can see: with vibrant duels! This is how the Clausura 2023 Promotion League Day 3 will be played

Three more sharks

Ten minutes after the Colombian goal, Jorge Cardona converted his brace into the own account. Dorvin Sánchez stoned the game in the 84th minute and Álvaro Klusener finished the match 2-5 in favor of the Platense.

With this result, Silesio’s team escapes the lead in the Group C standings, which already has seven units. Choloma Parrillas hosts Lone Independiente de Siguatepeque at the Olympic Stadium.