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Menopause and all the exercises you should do at age 50: strength, aerobic, flexibility and balance to speed up your metabolism

Menopause and all the exercises you should do at age 50: strength, aerobic, flexibility and balance to speed up your metabolism

There are women in their sixties who look like they are thirty-five. Others, in their fifties, appear to be sixty-five.
Behind the geneticseverything is usually about what each one
take care of your body What do they do to stay active? Because menopause and age should not be an excuse to sit on the couch. On the contrary. You need more than ever to activate and
Tighten your muscles.

When it comes to exercise,
It’s not too late To start the exercise program. Starting a physical routine can help reverse some of the problems caused by inactivity and can make you feel good about yourself
on all levels. Do you really need it.

Why you should exercise at the age of 50

When it comes to muscle, the saying “use it up or lose it” is absolutely true. From the age of 50 the average person loses about 1% of muscle each year. but the thing
You don’t have to give up for that to happen. With practice, you can
Recover lost muscle up to 90 years old.

The benefits of exercise are not limited to improving muscle mass and strength. Certain types of exercise can also help
Improve your bone health. Until about the age of 30, your body is working hard to produce and build bone. But then it comes slowly
bone loss.

This is accelerated during
menopause due to decreased estrogen production. Then the risk of osteoporosis can be really real. to implement
Work out with weights Forcing you to work against the forces of gravity can help improve bone density and reduce the risk of fractures. You can read it later.


Changes that occur in a woman’s body during menopause, such as a decrease in
hormone productionIt can cause weight gain and development
Excess belly fat. It’s not a simple aesthetic issue, but it’s something beyond that.

It can help you stay active during menopause
Avoid some accompanying weight gain. Thus, maintaining your weight will prevent certain conditions often related to being overweight or obese, such as type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer, and heart disease.

Recommended types of exercise

Not all exercises are created equal, and it’s important to make sure you include a mix of different types of work out in your workout routine. It must be the first
strength training. Good exercise routines for women over 50 include weight lifting as well as exercises that involve the use of resistance, such as Pilates or working with resistance bands.

then there
Aerobic or cardiovascular exercisesSometimes called resistance exercise, you’re supposed to do it for at least 10 minutes. While you’re doing aerobic exercise, your heart rate and breathing should increase, but not so much that you can’t have a conversation with someone next to you. Walking, jogging, or swimming are examples of aerobic exercise.

stretch It is also an essential exercise in this routine for women who are approaching or past menopause. They help improve or maintain flexibility, reducing the risk of muscle or joint injury. And note this: yoga is a great stretching exercise.

Finally, there are the exercises.
Balance. As you age, the risk of falling increases. Exercises that help improve or maintain balance can reduce the risk of falls. A balance exercise can be as simple as standing on one foot.

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