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Chilean researchers have created a cream of green tea that can treat some types of skin cancer

Chilean researchers have created a cream of green tea that can treat some types of skin cancer

Researchers studied for 4 years to discover the positive results of this treatment. (Image source: www.ufro.cl)

A group of two Chilean researchers have created a green tea cream that can fight skin cancer. The findings are part of 4 years of intense work since 2017 when they decided to study this topic.

These are the researchers Priscilla Pribe and Daniela Leon (Both Ph.D.s in Applied Cellular and Molecular Biology are mentioned), He received his PhD from the University of La Frontera in Temuco, a city in southern Chile. Here, experts decided to study in vitro different mechanisms of resistance to phototherapy in non-melanoma skin cancer, which means, Treatments that use light-activated medications.

After four years of work, Researchers have developed a treatment based on a “photosensitive cream”.which harms cancer cells, moreover, it is 100% made in Chile.” By this will beIt is possible to treat and treat skin cancer without the need for surgery, as it is basically the case today“.

Treatment with this cream is less invasive for the patient and improves the rate of disease recurrencegiven that the tests showed that there was a decrease in the carcinogenic lesions observed on the skin after treatment with the composition developed by the scientists. This means that it will reduce the chance of the cancer coming back.

The results of the study were so good that By exposing these cancer cells to the compound the researchers worked on, 100% of them died within 24 hours from the exhibition.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), One in 10 Chileans will develop some form of skin cancer during his lifetime, that is, in Chile, which has a population of about 20,000 people annually. The most common types of cancer are the non-melanoma type, and precursor lesions, and they occur on areas of the skin exposed to the sun, such as the face.

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researcher balance

For researcher Priscilla Pribe, Female thought and early work were key in this development and in the interest in science. “Feminine thought is fundamental to science. Despite the equal participation of women in the field of medical and biological sciences, There are areas of more difficult sciences, such as engineering, where there is still a huge gap“, he also adds that it’s a key”Attracting interest in this field, from an early age, and normalizing that girls and boys can aspire to any profession And that they can develop intellectually just as much.”

On his part, UFRO Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Rodrigo Navia said, He stressed that this was the result of a long work that “sought to make the largest possible impact on society” with this treatment.. “We have worked over the past decade to advance the scope of our research in the field of applied sciences, in order to make the greatest possible impact on society, and we are very proud of the progress made in the field of health,” said the expert.

What comes next is a key to the future of this business. Perform an in vivo evaluation of the formulations, to determine the best product concentrationsas well as his best viewing option,” concluded Daniela Leon.

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