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Luis Raymond Salazar is the new president of SEK International University

Luis Raymond Salazar is the new president of SEK International University

Since 2017, SEK International University has been led for the first time by a woman, Dr. Nadia Rodriguez. During five years of administration, the university has established itself as one of the standards for quality education and has grown by incorporating new programs that have been modified according to the speed at which the world has been developing. Once his term expires, a new leader takes over as rector of our prestigious institution for 5 years, the Ph.D. Louis Raymond Salazar.

Raymond Salazar is a psychologist and a professional in physical activity and sports science. His teaching and innovation career has led him to hold the position of General Director of SEK International School of Guatemala from 2016 until now.

He has extensive teaching experience in countries such as Spain, England, Guatemala and Ecuador. This, combined with his leadership and high capacity for teamwork, made him worthy to be appointed as the new president of SEK International University, which was officially invested on July 13 this year.

“I take this position responsibly, while respecting the 130-year history of SEK International and this university’s 30-year history. It must be everyone’s effort to seek excellence in our activities, and if we do that, the university will continue to grow,” he emphasized during his speech and thanked The support he received from the whole community, especially from the outgoing rector, for me to be a mentor and friend in a new country.

During the event, Nadia Rodriguez gave her farewell words to the community she grew up in during her tenure as university president. “I am sure this university will go further, and work as a team as ever. Today I am leaving happy and excited, just as I started 5 years ago,” she stated as part of her gratitude to the students, teachers, staff and friends I have worked with these years.

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Rosalia Arteaga, former President of Ecuador and member of the UISEK Board of Governors, spoke on behalf of the authorities of the SEK International Foundation, praising the quality of the university and wishing success to the new authority. She concluded her speech by saying, “I am sure that a better future will come from the hand of education and training that we provide to young people.”

In this way, teachers, workers, students and alumni gave a warm welcome to those who, from now on, will lead the international university on its way to quality higher education, always under the banner of SERMEJORES.