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Medicine and the veterinary building will be the next reforms of the University of Zaragoza

Medicine and the veterinary building will be the next reforms of the University of Zaragoza

behind the Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Philosophy and Medicine and the building of veterinary clinics and the Construction of Semenim Sekmeh Institute These will be the most powerful measures that until 2026 contemplate the new investment plan that has been awarded 60 million euros, which was agreed on Thursday to University of Zaragoza and the government of Aragon.

In addition to continuing to rehabilitate philosophy and literature – for which 14.5 million will be allocated to complete the work and its equipment, and to address the gaps caused by the financial crisis -,The Najma project will be the reform of the Faculty of Medicine with a planned investment of 9.25 million To develop and adapt its first phase, informs the Government of Aragon in a press release.

Reforms will also be carried out in the building of veterinary clinics, to enable a new headquarters for research institutes on this campus, with a planned investment of 6.75 million euros.

The construction of the Ceqma-Ceminem Institute will be carried out on the Río Ebro campus, to which 5,418 million will be allocated, in addition to Repair of the facilities of the Torres Quevedo building at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Budget at 2628 mln. The plan envisages another 3.7 million to transform and reorganize mobility in the San Francisco, Rio Ebro and Veterinaria campuses.

Aside from teaching places, another of the strongest business is Converting sports grounds on campus in San Francisco, With the aim of designing a new space that promotes women’s and team sports and also suitable for a professional rugby stadium and other multi-sport stadiums, 3.55 million euros have been allocated for it.

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Another 4.2 million will be added to the budget for major rehabilitation works, new construction or equipment improvements for work of an urgent nature or heritage preservation.

In this section, the letter r . appearsThe shape of the ground floor for mathematicswith a budget of over €700,000, to install a new optics clinic and a new data processing centre.

Among other small businesses, in The law will take care of the air conditioning in the different departments; And at the School of Engineering and Architecture, on the Rio Ebro Campus, the performances will take place in the Torres Quevedo Assembly Hall and in the Thomas Boleyn Room.

There will also be items to continue to renovate the windows of the Faculty of Economics and Business, to adapt electrical installations in science and physics, as well as to replace the boilers of the Higher Polytechnic School of Huesca. The new investment plan also includes 5.2 million for improvement work and equipment to promote research, development and innovation.

The majority of the funding in this department will be allocated to the acquisition of scientific and technical equipment for research groups, including computers for the humanitarian and social fields, as well as other needs of the General Research Support Service, the Veterinary, Social Sciences, and the Polytechnic of Huesca.

On the other hand, the Government of the Joint Commission of Aragon – University of Zaragoza HThe proposal for funding measures associated with achieving the goals of an open, green and friendly university was also approved today.

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In this first year, priority will be given to businesses of an energy nature to improve the efficiency of facilities and try to reduce the bill through Installing photovoltaic panels on roofs, improving geological envelopes and roofs, mathematics, law, veterinary and social sciences., as well as in the Huesca Sports Center and in the buildings of Torres Quevedo, at EINA, and at Lorenzo Normante, from the School of Economics and Business. One million euros planned annually will be allocated for this.