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“UCN has created a very strong headquarters with a core of support for the development of the region and the country” «UCN Daily News – Universidad Católica del Norte

Dr. Juan Machiavello Armingol, Dean of the School of Marine Sciences, is close to completing 41 years of work at the Universidad Católica del Norte.

The Guayacán Campus of the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) has established itself as a highly prestigious professional study centre. Coquimbo’s headquarters at UCN houses a wide range of careers, including marine biology, aquaculture engineering, risk prevention and environmental engineering, which constitute College of Marine Sciences.

The university has recorded rapid growth, witnessed by Dr. Juan Machiavello Armingol, Dean of the College College of Marine Scienceswho was honored at our graduate school’s last anniversary celebration on 40 years of service, which in September of this year will become 41 years of a career at UCN.

Since coming to this university as a thesis student to work in marine botany, “I came to the university to ask about an advertisement I saw, and did my thesis here, on marine algae, in Gracilaria, it was 1980.” In 1981, Dr. Juan Machiavello was appointed as a laboratory technician and when the marine biology career opened, he began working as a teacher.

Since then, he has performed various functions, administrative department, thesis coordinator, course chair, department director and head office secretary, but he clarified that at that time there was only the position of rector and there was only one secretary in the main office. Today he is about to finish his second term as Dean of the College of Marine Sciences.

He stressed that in all this time, there has been significant growth in the headquarters, “Between everything that has happened, the dictatorship, the education reform, the tsunami, the earthquakes, the social unrest, the epidemic, and the Coquimbo headquarters has grown so much, we are practically going to be 50% of the students in the university, If it’s a small campus, I think in a short time we will have the same number of students as Antofagasta.”

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Supporting the development of the region and the country

With the experience and knowledge that comes from being part of the UCN since the 1980s, Dr. Juan Macchiavello highlighted the work carried out at the Guayacán Campus in various fields, emphasizing that “the university has created a very strong, large and multidisciplinary headquarters, with a core of support for the development of the region and the country” .

In this context, he referred to the many projects implemented by the college, in which the donation by the Government of Japan to the Coastal Aquaculture and Marine Research Center was essential, allowing the applied sciences to be a productive sector.

besides College of Marine Sciences He has contributed to various matters, the Dean added, such as the state’s policies on issues such as closed seasons, environmental care, work aimed at creating marine reserves, and the care and cleaning of beaches, through the Exceeding Borders program, garbage scientists. To them, he said, we must add the work done by the Explora Scholar Publishing Program, many of our graduate students have left from our jobs to visit the aquarium or because they participated in scientific academics from Discover the program.

Beyond the experience and memories, the dean of the School of Marine Sciences highlights UCSD students’ preparation, “Every time I go to an event or something related to the sea, former students appear, many of whom are already authorities. The memories come alive when you meet people who have been through the classroom” .