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Massachusetts: State Police Academy Internal Investigation - NBC Boston

Massachusetts: State Police Academy Internal Investigation – NBC Boston

Four police officers have been reassigned, and an internal investigation is underway into a serious incident at the Massachusetts State Police Academy, an agency spokesperson said Wednesday.

According to a statement from the Massachusetts State Police, they are investigating reports that several trainees have been ordered to crawl, in an unauthorized exercise as part of the training curriculum. Some students developed blisters on their hands, which required treatment in the academy’s medical unit.

The state police said in a statement that the crawling drills “did not add any value to the training and contradict expectations that the MSP command staff explicitly conveyed to academy staff prior to the start of training for the current recruit.”

As a result, two Academy Training Instructors who were supervising the exercises were assigned to other roles in the department. The Academy Commander and Executive Officer responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Academy have also been removed and replaced. Colonel Christopher Mason also issued a directive expressly prohibiting such unauthorized training. This specifically repeated the instructions issued prior to the start of recruit training in May.

An internal investigation is ongoing and agency officials say they will “hold any Academy employee responsible for unauthorized training to account.”

This is an evolving story. . Please check back for updates

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